Something for every price range today

Saw a number of nice houses today that were, I thought, well priced for what they offer. Starting at the lower range,

32 Coachlamp

32 Coachlamp Lane (the first three houses discussed here can be found on this one link), $1.350 million. A perfectly decent, plain vanilla 1960’s house, on a good street (dead end, close to town), in good condition and with a decent yard. The floors need refinishing because they’ve ripped up the wall-to-wall (a wise decision) and you could certainly spend some money bringing the place up to date, but livable just as is and the street should support whatever money you put into improvements.

8 Osceola

8 Osceola, $1.5 million.  Good house, wonderful street. I’d replace the windows and maybe finish the third floor but I’m just a fanatic about modern windows – most of my clients don’t seem to care. The owner, a noted builder, offers to make any improvements you wish at cost which, considering his skills, is a great deal.

And I really, really loved 7 Mulberry Street, asking $2 million. This was built by a craftsman/builder as his family’s dream house and the quality and care that went into its construction is apparent throughout the house. It’s at a level you’d expect to find (and often don’t) in a $4 million house. Thick doors even on closets, beautiful, top-of-the-line hardware, the best fixtures and a great layout. It’s directly on the Mill Pond, which is a beautiful feature but also exposes you to some noise from the Cos Cob bridge down at the other end of the pond. I figure that if that bridge weren’t there this house would cost at least 50% more so there’s a discount built in. I’d be happy to make that trade off – you may not, in which case this house is not for you. Open house this Sunday so you might want to stop by and see, and hear, for yourself. Regardless of your response to the traffic noise, it’s worth seeing the kind of quality that can be built into a relatively inexpensive house. Then ask yourself what’s wrong with other builders.

12 Taconic

12 Taconic Road isn’t my taste at all but that’s so irrelevant I mention it just to be snarky. At $7 million it offers more than most houses in its price range and is beautifully built. Three acres in the two-acre zone, a short hop to downtown Greenwich and boy is it big. If that’s what you’re looking for, here it is.

12 Indian Drive

12 Indian Drive in Old Greenwich was every bit as fabulous as I’d hoped it’d be. Deep water dock, pool, and a renovation that meets every expectation. Yes, it’s direct waterfront so that exposes you to storms, floods and harsh weather. That’s the price of living on the water. Some people will pay that gladly (I’d live in this one’s garage and be happy), others won’t. That’s why we have different houses, different areas to live in in Greenwich – something for everyone. Great water views that stretch from the Stamford light house to the NYC skyline and unlike some water views, this one will have enough sail boats, tugs, fishing vessels and runabouts dodging around to keep your eyes and mind busy. And I’ll bet the sunsets are spectacular.

This one will set you back $14.5 million and if you can afford that, you can afford to live in the Hyatt a few days while the hurricane blows through; I myself would stay put and enjoy the storm.


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12 responses to “Something for every price range today

  1. Jane

    That OG house is spectacular. Wouldn’t change a thing.

  2. Sound Beacher
    Cos Cobber, you’ve hit the big time with the Mad Men plug.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Wow SB, You really dont get much bigger than Mad Men.

    I look forward to Banana Republic adding a Cos Cob jacket to their Mad Men inspired clothing line. I’m not sure what a Cos Cob jacket would be, but I’m sure they could come up with something nautical and preppy in a Cos Cob sense, but not in an over the top Riverside sense.

  4. Cos Cobber

    Btw, shades of Mad Men loom in that nice Oceola house which is just a 100 yards from the Cos Cob zip.

  5. InfoDiva

    The Coachlamp house has a circa-1960 septic system on less than half an acre. Isn’t that a disaster waiting to happen? Sooner or later, septic failure + no reserve area = very expensive engineered system needed.

  6. Cobra

    How about a straightjacket, CC?

  7. Cos Cobber

    As long as its seersucker pinstripes Cobra.

  8. Cobra

    Not madras?

  9. Anonymous

    12 Indian Drive is just jaw-dropping gorgeous. I love it. If only I hadn’t sold that Apple stock…

  10. Anonymous

    does anybody know about the house for sale at 54 Binney?

  11. Cos Cobber

    Cobra, I have reconsidered. I have revamped the straightjacket styles by neighborhood:

    old greenwich: vineyard vines and $200 flip flops
    riverside: skinny jeans and high heels/loafers made of the last white rhino
    cos cob: flannel – red checker
    belle haven: a fabric made of reconstituted $100 bills thred with gold. fur liner.
    greenwich: anything by richards – popped collar
    chickahominey: grey sweat pants
    byram: port chester high school logo wear
    glennville: ??