Once again, economists are disappointed at the “unexpected” news that jobless claims exceeded their prediction. Throw together each month’s revision of the past month’s first call, always lower, with the continuous surprise at dismal numbers and you might think that someone out there is trying to paint a rosier picture of the economy than is warranted. The initial figures grab the press, the lower revisions thirty days later are ignored by the media. Could someone be playing these numbers to help the incumbent? Oh, who would do that?

UPDATE: Existing Home sales “unexpectedly” fall 2.6%. Economists predicted an 0.5 % increase.


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2 responses to ““Unexpectedly”

  1. NRA

    Command-option-U types out “unexpected” on media keyboards.

  2. Anonymous

    Uncanny, ain’t it?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Economics blog has a nice graph of the upward revisions, noting that “the Labor Department has now revised upward its first estimate of seasonally adjusted claims in 56 of the past 57 weeks.”


    Never mind.