And he’d better keep doing it, he wants to stay out of jail

Who, me?

Corzine continues to serve as Obama’s bag man. Raises another $500,000 for the man who stands between him and La Tuna Medium Security Prison, El Paso.


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6 responses to “And he’d better keep doing it, he wants to stay out of jail

  1. anon

    Speaking of change, here’s where your tax dollars are going:

    Fired Secret Service agent remains eligible for up to $2.1 million in taxpayer-funded pension payout

  2. armonk

    When I was the Merrill Lynch manager in El Paso we had a client in La Tuna. He only got one phone call a day, but his account was doing better than most. Must be the inmates talk portfolio strategy.

  3. Think the Commandeer In Chief will ever see any of it ?

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Corzine enjoys the immunity that comes with knowing where his co-conspirators buried their many victims.

  5. Green Mtn Punter

    LIbertarian Advocate has the crux of the matter right about Corzine and Co Business-Gov’t-Academia- Politics: One big, Mob-inspired, racket! A RICO prosecution is what they deserve, isn’t it?