I’d say they were banking on an Obama victory

$100 million in bail out money but BOA refuses him credit

Bank Of America terminates relationship with customer McMillian because it makes weapons for the U.S. Marine Corp.

BOA obviously knows nothing about its customer’s business or they’d know that gun sales have soared since the day Obama was elected in 2008.  In fact, the man was just named “Gun Salesman of the Year”.  If the bank  really thinks Obama is going to win they should be doubling down on this one bright spot in the economy, not abandoning it.


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5 responses to “I’d say they were banking on an Obama victory

  1. Anonymous

    Insane. Apparently the leash is held tight on recipients of Fed Favors. GM and Chrysler must produce cars nobody wants and banks can’t provide funding to arms manufacturers. Who’s going to be left to provide Eric Holder his weapons?


  2. Just the Facts!

    Best stocks in the business by far. BofA is sham bank anyway.

  3. Rick

    No wonder B of A stock is in the toilet. Sold ours and now we’ll have a $3,000 capital loss carry forward on our income taxes for the remainder of our forseeable lifetime.

  4. GWchase

    As a taxpayer, I shored up that “Too big to fail” institution and now they reward me like this – I’d like my money back (and with interest!).