The sad effects of bongs on (some) girls

EOS claims she was too busy flunking out of college at the time to notice the emergence of Levon Helm and The Band. Aw come on, was there anyone in that era who didn’t see Easy Rider?  And if you did, how could you possibly miss the best song of the movie, The Weight?


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5 responses to “The sad effects of bongs on (some) girls

  1. Oh my, I can see I am going to be the “butt” of every Band Fannie thread from here on. Sure, I certainly know their big hits and even saw Easy Rider, but, yikes, never liked their music enough to buy an album. And, this was all in a NON-drug-induced state of mind. I was a good girl, really.

    Thanks all for The Musical Edification of EOS.

  2. Anon58

    What a phenomenal group they were. RIP, Levon.

  3. dogwalker

    Oh, even in a fairly constantly altered state, The Band didn’t do it for me . . . Easy Rider or not.

  4. Out Looking In

    Robbie Robertson has done some great solo work as well