Will the last one leaving the ship please turn off the lights?

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Democrat senator says he “doesn’t know” whether he’ll vote for Obama. First among his (Democrat) countrymen.


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8 responses to “Will the last one leaving the ship please turn off the lights?

  1. Cos Cobber

    This isnt a sign of anything. Obama is anti coal. A coal state senator in a weak economy will be joining the employment line if he doesnt fight his own party.

  2. Inagua

    This guy is a major scumbag. He won a special election saying he would vote against Obama Care, and they provided the winning vote for Obama. If there is any justice he will get defeated this year.

  3. hmmm

    he’s (the senator) not getting defeated and he is also undecided on romney due to the fact he thinks he might be out of touch with ordinary people….

    and frankly i am tired of hearing that line….if by ordinary people he means lazy asses then yes he probably is out of touch with them and so am i and i don’t have a tenth of what romney has. the deciding factor isn’t whether romney is out of touch with ordinary people it should be do ordinary people want to jump on board with a successful man and perhaps become successful too?

    that should be the only question….

  4. DollarBill

    But look who Manchin is running against! This multimillionaire goofball Raese is right out of the 19th century robber baron era with his opposition to public schools, the minimum wage, food and safety regs. Oh wait, that would make him catnip for the Tea Baggers!. CF, you’d love him!

    And this article should make you love Raese even more. He’s now comparing county smoking bans In WV to Jews being forced to wear the Star of David in Hitler-era Germany. The fun never ends with you Tea Baggers!


  5. Inagua

    Dollar Bill – You might be right about something for a change. Raese is a weak candidate, and his comparison of smoking to identfying insignia was stupid.

  6. HG

    A majority of West Virginia voters elected a Klansman to the US Senate for term after term. West Virginia voters are either dupes or racists. When this candidate says “ordinary West Virginians” he means white people with little education.

  7. Anonymous

    WV voters have been electing a Rockefeller to the Senate for decades. Rockefeller is genuinely right out of the 19th century robber baron era.

    Rockefeller outspent Raese 10-1 and barely won.

    ..In 1984, he was elected to the United States Senate, narrowly defeating businessman John Raese as Ronald Reagan narrowly carried the state in the presidential election. As in his 1980 gubernatorial campaign against Arch Moore, Rockefeller spent over $12 million to win a Senate seat. <<

    That's something like $40 per vote or $1 for each of DB's IQ pts!