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The Left has truly lost its collective mind and all moral legitimacy

Heather Gautney, Fordham : As an ignorant lesbian slut I demand to be oppressed by the wise men of Iran. Whip me, beat me, stone me. I am woman, hear me mew!

American professors flock to Teheran to attend conference on  Occupy Wall Street movement. There really is nothing to say further but Dollar Bill? Maybe you can defend this.


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Uh oh

Oh, my portfolio!

Reader Craig C (I assume he doesn’t want his full name used but I’m always glad to blow your anonymity if you say you don’t care) sends along this Craig’s List ad and asks if it’s a sign of the times:

Greenwich resident selling his Rodin collection. Here’s one of them, asking $48,000.00.

The Bronze Age, also known as The Vanquished, modeled 1876, this bronze cast ca. 1906
Auguste Rodin (French, 1840–1917) Bronze H. 42 in. The lively modeling of the nude and its deceptively realistic appearance represented such a departure from the conventions of academic sculpture of the time that Rodin was accused of casting from a live model, a practice greatly frowned upon. Rodin preserved photographs of the human model on which the sculpture is based, a man named Auguste Neyt. He is shown nude, his clenched right hand on his head and his left hand grasping a pole. It is immediately evident that the sculpture was not cast from the body of the man.
Critics of the period were also dismayed by the subject, for Rodin not only abandoned all of the elaborate repertory of symbols with which academic sculptors habitually equipped their works, but also had stripped the figure of the spear originally carried in his left hand, relying on the expressiveness of the figure itself to convey its meaning. In addition, he changed the title from The Vanquished (Le Vaincu), possibly an allusion to the suffering and demoralization of his countrymen during the Franco-Prussian War, to the classical, but more ambiguous, The Age of Bronze (L’Âge d’Airain). Later the work acquired still other new titles. The Metropolitan Museum has retained the title by which the bronze was known at the time of its purchase from Rodin.

Full  sale list here.


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Old Greenwich’s Arcadia Coffee Shop gains approval to serve alcohol

The P&Z voted to waive the requirement that establishments holding liquor licenses be 1,000 feet apart. There’s always room for a good restaurant in OG and it’s my understanding that you can’t make a go of it without offering at least  beer and wine. Good luck to them – opening estimated to be around Labor day.


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If I say, “not working” and you think, “shiftless, lazy black loafer”, does that reveal you to be a rascist?

Not if you’re a liberal. On the Left, when a racist stereotype springs into their mind they look around for someone else to blame their hatred on. On these pages, we see our resident homophobe Dollar Bill trying to export his prejudices to the right. In mainstream media world, they blame Romney.

RELATED: They hate Jews, too.

More anti-Semitism among the Occupy Wall Street crowd: If you think Jews control the UN and Barack Hussein Obama, you’re so deluded that you’ve passed beyond the furthest reaches of rational thought. I blame Cheney.


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