Palisades Amusement Park, swings all day and after dark!

Today I accused Jeremy Kaye, Esq. of planning yet another vacation, this time to Palisades Amusement Park and of course the mere mention of the name immediately brought to mind that god-awful jingle of the 60’s that played on AM radio, all day (“and after dark!”) for years. Only the advent of FM radio spared my generation from, or at least mitigated, serious, permanent brain damage. I know you can’t have forgotten the lyrics but just in case early Alzheimer’s has struck …

Palisades has the rides…

Palisades has the fun…

Come On Over.

Shows and dancing are free…

so’s the parking, so gee…

Come On Over.

Palisades from coast to coast,

where a dime buys the most.

Palisades Amusement Park,

Swings all day and after dark

(bumm, baa, dumm, bumm, bummmm)

Ride the coaster… Get cool…

 In the waves in the pool.

You’ll have fun… so…

Come On Over.

 (dumm de dum da dum… dum)




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12 responses to “Palisades Amusement Park, swings all day and after dark!

  1. swanton

    What about Freddy Cannon’s song “Palisades Park” ? They may have been before your time…

  2. Out Looking In

    Green acres is the place to be…faaaaarrrrmmmmm livin is the life for me!

  3. FlyAngler

    No stop! First is blast from the past and then the late notice that Murray Lender of bagel fame passed last month. My youth, my youth, where has gone my youth?

  4. Hillary

    Da na da-nent.
    Da na da-nent.
    Da da -na na- da da- na na- da da- da dent

    …….Raceway Park! Englishtown New Jersey

  5. Hillary

    But wait….theres more- Ron Popeil

  6. Hillary

    Hey Jerry……Whats the story?

  7. Hillary

    It softens hands while you do the dishes…… are soaking in it now!
    -Madge the manicurist for palmovive

  8. Hillary

    The Maytag repairman is the lonliest guy in town.

  9. GWchase

    Hillary – you forgot the best part of the Raceway Park jingle – Funnycars!
    Yeah, I was there and watched them race.

  10. Rick

    “I’ll paint any car for $29.95” – Earl Schibe