Same people, same mores as Occupy vandals

“Green” activists trash parks in celebration of Earth Day. They then climbed into their private jets and flew to Bali for an earth warming party.


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5 responses to “Same people, same mores as Occupy vandals

  1. Izzy Dipschitz

    boy thats nothing by gosh. The grandaddy of Earthday was Woodstock. 400 tons of garbage had to be picked up off the ground. It cost 63k (1969$)and took a month to complete.

    • Yeah but at least at Woodstock everyone was there just to get stoned, drunk and laid and made no pretense of saving the planet. “Earth Day” wasn’t foisted on the addled-headed dupes until a year later in 1970.

  2. Izzy Dipschitz

    sorry. closer to 800 tons and cost more than $100,000- in 1969 dollars

  3. Izzy Dipschitz

    sorry make it 2000 tons

  4. Izzy Dipschitz

    oh yes i see your point, just hedonistic peacniks trashing the world in which they lived. ok. got it. I think it was the 94 or 99? woodstock that generated 1400 tons of trash ( much of it still there) and many rapes. So much for keeping it green eh?