Selectman Peter Tesinski strikes gold

Introducing the new "Peter Tesei" tie by Vineyard Vines

His new abode in Greenwich comes with a $998,000 loan from Luxury Mortgage – monthly payment with taxes and insurance are estimated to be $6,000 a month. Monthly gross salary for First Selectman is $10,500 a month. Income to qualify for a million dollar mortgage is $362,934. Assuming one doesn’t still own a condominium on River Road with a $500,000 mortgage on it, of course, because then he’d need an income of $500,000 a year. I figure the man must have a side business – a new tie line?


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14 responses to “Selectman Peter Tesinski strikes gold

  1. Stanwich

    Your personal vendetta against Tesei is bothersome. Drop it. Nobody wants that much personal info blasted out to the world. Have some respect, just a shred of respect please.

    • All of that information (most of it, anyway) will be reported in Greenwich Time tomorrow. Feel free to direct your anger towards them, too. And do you really think it inappropriate to point out that an elected official is getting a mortgage that requires roughly three times his salary to support? I realize Mrs. Tesei is also employed, but I don’t think it’s out of line to take note of it.

  2. Georgie

    Stanwich….please, CF goes after everyone. Who knows….one day he will be railing on me for something…..its OK……they are just opinions…..just like Clint Eastwood said once…..opinions are like assholes everyone has one.

    BTW, your elected officials need a lot more SUNLIGHT…..need only look at the GSA Chief (a regulator no less of wasteful spending!) who had paid holidays for he and his wife all on the TAXPAYERS dime.

  3. It would seem that No Income Verification
    Loans are back! Happy days for the Greenwich
    Real Estate Market.

  4. Stanwich

    Maybe he has a side business plowing driveways and mowing lawns….he is from Cos Cob.

  5. anonymous

    No income verification loans still require one to be truthful about income or face possible fraud charges. Guess they only apply to Round Hill Road properties.

  6. Riverside

    FYI, Mrs. Tesei is a doctor.

  7. anonymous

    Jill Vaughan Tesei is a nurse with a masters. A rich one apparently.

  8. anonymous

    In case you haven’t been invited over recently, here are the Tesei’s current digs:

  9. anon

    Dr. Jill might consider taking $B as a patient; she specializes in anxiety and one of the symptoms fits Mr. Bill to a T:
    – won’t respond to logical arguments.

  10. Anon21

    I agree with Stanwich. Chris, stop being a prick and give the Tesei’s a break. They are a lovely family and deserve a little respect.

  11. Cos Cob

    Jill was a nurse and is now a phychologist in private practice (and a busy one) specializing in working with children. She is a very hardworking and admirable person.

  12. Georgie

    Anon21, why is it a “prick” to shed light? Regardless of political party—you have to admit by reading the daily papers that the amount of self-dealing, double talk, sweetheart backroom deals are rampant.

    …just look at today’s story with Mr. Buffet, the-Rich-Should-Pay-More Advocate….. who spent over $1mm to Lobby Congress to cut a user fee for his pet company, Net Jets. Really?