Democrats vow to kill Keystone pipeline

Rust in hell, Keystone!

That’ll help. Do you wonder whether Harry Reid et als are in the pocket of the Saudis?

And Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is doing his best to push gasoline to $9, even $10 a gallon.

It was Salazar who was behind the bogus scientific justification for the offshore drilling moratorium. No one has gotten to the bottom of that one yet. Salazar continued  moratoriums on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, even though a federal judge (twice) ruled that the moratorium was illegal.

Here is ThinkProgress celebrating Salazar’s regressive energy approach. Some highlights:

– He suspended 77 controversial oil and gas leases in Utah, some of them near national parks and national monuments.

– Understanding that renewable energy projects create more jobs than fossil fuels development, he directed his agencies to make the development of renewable energy a priority.

– He withdrew the Bush administration’s industry-friendly research and development leases for oil shale development in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

– He launched a department-wide effort to ensure that federal land management decisions respond effectively to climate change.

Salazar has spent his public life supporting policies that make energy more expensive. (It’s the goal of many in this administration.) It’s something we need to be reminded of every time he claims it has got nothing to do with him. Even if it doesn’t, it’s not for a lack of trying.


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2 responses to “Democrats vow to kill Keystone pipeline

  1. anon

    the governor of Montana was on fox and friends this morning, talking the pipeline. Montana stands to gain the most jobs because it abuts Alberta so its logical he is for the pipeline. As I understood him this morning, he said TransCanada has filed a new route through Nebraska that skirts the previously debated Sandhills region. And if passed in Nebraska, it leaves a whole route approved by the states it traverses. Seems counter-intuitive for the president of the united states to override states rights and ban the pipeline when it brings jobs and oil. no matter how economically valuable the pipeline is, it won’t pass while obama is in office ESPECIALLY since the other issue in Nebraska is that Berkshire Hathaway owns the railroad set to ship a lot of Canadian oil and Sen. Nelson owns $5-6 million worth of BH stock. Bada-bing.

  2. pulled up in OG

    No wonder the Canucks whine like little girls. The tar glut in Cushing is costing them $18 billion a year. They’ve been developing tar sands for decades yet their refinery capacity is virtually unchanged in thirty years, flatlined. Morons. So we gotta bail out Harper too, eh? That’s all it is. Largest US export category last year was fuel.

    As for Harry and Saudi pockets, the Saudi’s already own (half) the biggest refinery in the US, conveniently located at the end of Keystone XL.