Accepted offer in Mid-Country

4 Dogwood Lane

4 Dogwood Lane (off Parsonage) has an accepted offer after just ten days, so I guess its price of $2.560 was a good one. A 1942 house (must have been one of the last houses built before WWII expanded), 4,369 square feet on 1.16 acres in the 2-acre zone so if you include the garage it’s over the 4,547 sq.ft. FAR limit – thank you, Peter Berg, but how much space do you really need? Nice yard, good location and good-looking house.


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2 responses to “Accepted offer in Mid-Country

  1. Anonymous

    Classic Greenwich , the way it used to be

  2. Broker

    Buyers these days are not interested in oversized lots or 8,000 square feet homes. They look for more important factors like schools, proximity to train and cul-de-sacs where their kids can bike.