Even Mariani Magic, even a Meadowcroft address can’t save this bubble house

Prepare for takeoff

32 Meadowcroft dropped $950,000 today, down from $11,450 million to $10.5. It started a year ago at $12.575 million. This is a typical Mariani design (I think he has just one) with the addition of a weird bubble – like appendage on its south end. Otherwise, the house looks like his houses on Dairy Road, Doverton and on and on. Same floor plans, same look and feel and always the same skimpy pool with some cheap flagstones scattered on the grass as an ironic suggestion of real stonework. I don’t like the Mariano house much.

But whether I like his model or not doesn’t count – it’s buyers who do, and they’ve spoken: this is a pretentious house that is merely a duplicate of the others. Even marked down $2 million from its original price, it’s still got a ways to go. In my opinion, of course: you’re free to disagree and head up there with your checkbook.

12 Meadowcroft

UPDATE: He’s dropped the price of his other Meadowcroft spec house, number 12, too. $10,950, down from the original 2008 price of $12.825. Same huge size: 13,391 sq. ft., same basic objections.


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6 responses to “Even Mariani Magic, even a Meadowcroft address can’t save this bubble house

  1. AJ

    I think what you’re trying to say is that his houses are sort of like two women showing up at the same party with the same dress? But you’re right: the house is weird. There’s a very strange disconnect between the exterior and the interior of the house — they look like they’re from different houses. And you’re right about the flagstone: it has that East Port Chester (Byram)do-it-yourself look, only worse. The back of the house is weird, too, as if the front and back are different houses. What happened, did all the fake stone veneer fall off the back? I don’t know why builders use that stuff (fake stone = gold –fake brass — plated tin); you can spot it from a mile away. For twelve million they could have used real stone — like the Binney house — there’s no shortage of real rocks in Greenwich — just try digging a hole.

  2. this house has more amenities than the last high-end resort I stayed in:

    Maybe it’s the photos, but this house looks very cold. The windows don’t seem to match the “Normandy” look they were going after. The gray exterior doesn’t do much for me either. I’ll pass.

  3. anonymous

    perfect for puff daddy! welcome to the neighborhood.

  4. The second one is listed by a NY firm, Houlihan-Lawrence. Interesting that Mariano would go out-of-town for a broker unless he was specifically looking for an unsuspecting out-of-town buyer. Aaah, me thinks I smell a plan. Is the first one also listed by H-L?

  5. spike johnson

    The town assessor finally got two right.

  6. Anonymous

    Mariani has distroyed Meadowcroft which use to be one of the finest streets in Greenwich!!