Brave soul

To boldly go where no man has gone before ...

A third condo unit on Sound View Drive has found a buyer, leaving something like fourteen to go, plus the whole second phase which has been a dirt lot for six years now and probably will remain in that state for the foreseeable future. But yes, there’s an accepted offer reported today for Unit 44B. Asking price was $1.995 million, down from $2.975 but I wonder whether that’s enough to compensate for the risk of buying here with so many units unsold and the inconvenience of living on the steepest slope in Greenwich with trucks downshifting 24 hours a day as they pass to and fro from I-95 to the commercial establishments on Route One?

Someone obviously thinks so. But how do you suppose those two other lonely buyers feel, the one who paid $3 million a couple of years ago and the dumb fool whose broker sold him the first one back in 2008 for $3.525 million, over and above the asking price of $3.350?


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4 responses to “Brave soul

  1. OG17

    Maybe they can put a wiffle-ball field on the empty lot!

  2. Is it safe to say that this person paid all cash? I thought no lender would consider a mortgage in a complex with so few units sold. Unless that’s only a NY rule? I’d be leery if I were the lender (and even the all-cash buyer) that so many unsold units remain.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Condos should be banned from Greenwich. They are beneath us. That is where the “other people” live. So they need to be contained to Cos Cob. Because that is really not Greenwich, as we all know.
    Having said that, I actually like Cos Cob. It has a car wash, and Chicken Joe’s. I have to drive through it on my way to Beemer’s, and there is a CVS to stock up on electric glide and rubbers before I get there.
    They have more banks per square mile than I have ever seen, yet they have no money. What is up with that? I am sure they have the best swinging sex parties you and Ms. McBeal orchestrate, am I right?
    Plus you always need a landscaper. And where exactly is Old Greenwich? I would like to see it someday. Do you all wear pampers and dribble bibs? I would fit right in!!
    Not that I would want to. You heathens.
    Your Pal,