If people understood this threat, Obummer would go down in a landslide.

So like, listen, I've got these like tickets to an Obama fundraiser that cost my dad like $40,000 each and like, he can't go so I was wondering ...

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s been making noises about banning cellphones for years but now he’s really getting serious about it. And he’s not talking about handhelds, he wants to ban all cellphones, period.  Statistically, he’s right: handhelds and built ins produce exactly the same distraction and there are bound to be more accidents, but are 200 million Americans really ready to give up using them? Of course, the great thing about Obummer and his crowd is that they don’t care whether you’re willing, they just effect the change, and screw you.

Did you know that LaHood is also pushing for mandatory breathalyzer devices in all cars? I’ve heard horror stories of these things – not only are they expensive $200 a month to calibrate, for instance, but they can fail and if they do, you aren’t going anywhere, often for days. That’s fine for drunks – gives them time to sober up, maybe (unless they have a vodka stash in the trunk) but if, just as a for instance, you’re a mother trying to get three young kids to school and the god damned car won’t start, you’ll probably get angry. Too bad for you, says Ray – if it saves the life of just one child, is any inconvenience too great?


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18 responses to “If people understood this threat, Obummer would go down in a landslide.

  1. anonymous

    Vodka in the trunk won’t work.. you don’t just blow in those devices to start the car, but you keep blowing in them as the car goes along. Bad blow, no go. Just say’n.

    • No, I was saying that a three day wait for someone to come fix the machine wouldn’t necessarily sober up a drunk, if he keep drinking from his stash. But screw the drunks, if LaHood gets his way and every car sold in America must operate via a breathalyzer, millions of sober people are ging to (a) be forced to pay more for their car and (b) spend some time with a disabled vehicle. That blows, so to speak.

  2. I just attended a breakfast for Child Care politicos and organizations… there were Assembly men and a Senator there depicting a flippingly grim financial picture for what’s coming down in California… lots of hand wringing about there being NO MONEY… lots of cuts to lots of precious programs that are unavoidable, Lots of talk about turning it around, defending the children, saving the childcare programs, but no one mentioned the fact that California has become so hostile to business and wealth that the companies and rich folk have packed up and left, destroying the tax base. On top of this there is now a plan IN PLACE already to REQUIRE all 4 year olds to go to preschool, full time, no exceptions, parents can’t opt out…. so now the state will get to train up your wee ones as IT sees fit…. not you. And where will the money come from for this? maybe melting down your confiscated cell phone…

  3. OG Reader

    Statistically, drinking/eating behind the wheel is still number one – 80% of all accidents.

    LaHood is another sociopathic pol.


  4. NRA

    The point behind LaHood’s intent is who won’t have them in their vehicle: It’s about power through favors.

  5. Stoli

    The breathalyzer is an add on to the already passed blackbox app. All failed tesst will be recorded and monitored by the appropriate agencies.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    It’ll only work for the sociopathic statists if they can somehow compel retro-fitted breathalyzers. Imagine the effect on the used car market. Imagine the effect on the new car market. Only politicians can think this stupid shit up.

  7. Inagua

    I’d like to see the poll results for: “Would you give up the right to use your cell phone while driving to save 600 lives a year?”

  8. NRA

    If people understood this threat, Obummer would go down in a landslide.

    Given that The Won is a poufter, he’d go down anywhere. Just as Kal Penn. Rahm. Larry Sinclair. Reggie Love. (stretch) The gang at Man’s World in Chicago.

  9. Al Dente

    Over 90% of all accidents are accidental.

  10. Inagua

    California has a no device while driving law. The fines start at about $279. The law is widely ignored. I was on freeways for several hours today and saw dozens of drivers using a phone.

  11. California has a law for everything…much like CT is becoming, a socialist nightmare of runaway budgets, absurd laws, lavish benefits for illegal aliens. It will end, but the collapse of Liberaltopia will not be pretty.

  12. Rude Poster

    The only thing worse than women driving while talking on their cellphones are guinea tradahs masquerading as preppies (vineyard vines, driving mocs, etc.). Unfortunately, both types are all over the place. Scary times.

  13. AJ

    From time to time someone always comes up with a no smoking in your car law proposal: no smoking, too distracting. How about no CD players, no heat or air conditioning or buttons of any kind, outlaw cup holders — existing ones must be filled in or a $500 fine, no more guages (keep your eye on the road stupid), and put gas pedals and brake pedals on opposite sides of the car — no more sitting side by side, no more getting confused. All cruise control must be disabled immediately; life in prison for radar detectors; a $500 noise pollution fine for honking your horn; rehab for displaying political opinons on t-shirts or bumper stickers; sunglasses or covering your face in any way is against the law. Your saftey is our responsibilty and biggest concern.

  14. AJ

    Oops, I forgot. No more driving with your windows open: a bee might fly in, and no more air conditioning, it burns more fuel and creates more of a carbon footprint than anyone’s allowed to have, except for some people, not including you.

  15. Inagua

    “California has a law for everything…”

    Indeed. We also have our very own stem cell research project and what I believe is the world’s only carbon cap and trade system. Also, the state spends 79 cents of every dollar on employee compensation. But there are enough rich people willing to pay up for the pleasure of being here to support this nonsense. This government model will surely collapse, but when is anybody’s guess.

  16. Libertarian Advocate

    Inagua: Do you have a source for that .79 / $1 number? Absolutely fascinating. I’m surprised it hasn’t already collapsed but maybe it has to go to $1/$1.

    All that Vitamin D3 you peeps generate from sunshine makes your population too happy and therefore complacent. Well that and sitting around watching the Kardashians as if they were real people with interesting lives rather than evidence of an impending cultural train wreck.

  17. Inagua

    LA – Here is an essay by the then-governor which notes that “roughly 80 cents of every government dollar in California goes to employee compensation and benefits.”