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Recorded at the Round Hill Club’s Men’s bar

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Playing (at) politics


(not) just resting

Greenwich Democrats to name three, if they can find three, candidates to lose in next election.


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Greek suicides up but will they finnish the job?


Move south, save a life

More Greeks are committing suicide these days and “experts” blame the country’s economic woes, but how then do they explain the gloomy outlook of people further north?

There are no reliable statistics on 2011 but experts say Greece’s suicide rate has probably doubled to about 5 per 100,000. That is still far below levels of 34 per 100,000 seen in Finland or 9 per 100,000 in Germany. Attempted suicides and demand for psychiatric help has risen as Greece struggles to cope with the worst economic crisis since World War Two.

People aren’t so happy in Sweden, either.


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Some people just won’t wait their turn

Woman charged with DUI after crashing into liquor store. Maybe she was following orders beamed down from those helicopters.


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Since when were helicopters given authority to order up auto accidents?

And why would we listen? Two helicopters called for new Hartford crash.

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Housing prices hit “bottom” (for fourth year in a row).

The writer points out that even in the worst of the recent years, house prices rise in the spring before resuming their descent in the fall, each time a little lower. Don’t expect  much of an argument from me. What we’re seeing here in Greenwich is an undersupply of well priced houses and a large pool of buyers who want to buy.

That will sort itself out but while you’re waiting consider these two houses in Riverside, 8 Long View and 5 Gilliam Lane . The two are around the corner from each other, with Long View that little stretch of gravel road connecting Armstrong and Gilliam. 5 Gilliam is brand new, 8 Long View was built in 2008.

Long View reported an accepted offer yesterday with a rumored price of $3.350. Those same rumors say that 5 Gilliam has an a/o at $3.250. If there’s only a $100,000 difference between a house like Armstrong that’s got a far, far better location and a better yard and Gilliam, which fronts on Riverside Avenue  and has no yard, then that says to me that there aren’t enough houses to go around.


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California Dreaming


Waiting for the welfare check

Obummer tries to Californicate the nation. Here’s how the green movement is working in California. Or not working. Four more years and the community organizer will have solved emissions pollution in America, if not the rest of the world, because he’ll have shut down our industry.


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Rockefellers want a better address, Inland Wetlands seems ready to give them one

(The new) Zaccheus Mead Lane

Indian Spring Land Company, a Rockefeller land-owning company with 124 acres to develop in Glenville, wants to use Zaccheus Mead Lane as an ingress, surely because Zaccheus Mead is more prestigious than Glenville Road. To that end, the company has applied for a “forestry permit” which would allow them to pave 1,700 feet of road and start developing.

The Rockefellers insist that the road and its Zaccheus Mead locus are temporary – neighbors harbor their suspicions, and rightly so, if even the slightest cynical eye is used to assess the situation here.

The neighbors wanted IWWA to conduct a public hearing, the IWWA says it’s too late for that and perhaps it’s true – there was a deadline of 65 days after the application filing date of January 23rd to request such a hearing and that deadline has elapsed. I don’t know why the Zaccheus Lane residents slept on their rights so long – I was aware of this project months ago, and I live on the other side of town but regardless, look for continued entertainment as this goes forward. Zaccheus Mead types tend to have lots of money and that means lawyers and that means trouble! Or at least a great food fight.


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With friends like these …

On guard

Greenwich residents Mr.  and Mrs. Edward Krumeich reelected to state Democrat Party leadership.

We’ve worked hard to develop relationships with other members of the State Central Committee and have been very visible, vocal members,” said Krumeich

If the looting of Greenwich by state democrats is an example of Krumeich and his fellow town Democrats’ “relationship” with the Hartford crowd then why don’t they save gas and stay home?

The real problem with our local party is not that their mob friends won’t honor their “relationship”,  it’s that Krumeich et als share the same collectivist sympathies as the Hartford rapists. I once owned a wonderful dog,  Casey, a huge fierce-sounding labrador who, had a crook shown up at the door, would have let him in and shown him where the valuables were stored. Think of Ed as a big friendly labrador and you won’t be disappointed at his propensity to roll over and demand a tummy rub.


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