With friends like these …

On guard

Greenwich residents Mr.  and Mrs. Edward Krumeich reelected to state Democrat Party leadership.

We’ve worked hard to develop relationships with other members of the State Central Committee and have been very visible, vocal members,” said Krumeich

If the looting of Greenwich by state democrats is an example of Krumeich and his fellow town Democrats’ “relationship” with the Hartford crowd then why don’t they save gas and stay home?

The real problem with our local party is not that their mob friends won’t honor their “relationship”,  it’s that Krumeich et als share the same collectivist sympathies as the Hartford rapists. I once owned a wonderful dog,  Casey, a huge fierce-sounding labrador who, had a crook shown up at the door, would have let him in and shown him where the valuables were stored. Think of Ed as a big friendly labrador and you won’t be disappointed at his propensity to roll over and demand a tummy rub.


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8 responses to “With friends like these …

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    … the State Central Committee …

    Democrat Party Freudian slip?

  2. Luke Gardner

    Off Topic: Got my very own Brown Cow String Band T-Shirt in yesterday’s mail.

  3. akismet-e83e6a8fd034de9978514f0085032d96

    Tonight the State Attorney’s office fav non profit is having it’s big fundraiser in Greenwich – Child Guidence Center of Southern Conneticut. Our local DAs love this organization so much they even tried to delay the judcial process so no bad press would come out before tonight’s event. CGC has a $4mn budget and earns fee from the State Attorney’s office to prepare forensic work for child or family abuse cases. They had an employee steal from them. I wrote about it at teribuhl.com

  4. My Brown Cow String Band CD came yesterday too. It’s very good!

  5. Darn, I opted to “not receive any merchandise” with my donation. Have they bought a new van?
    PS: You’d be best served to change your blogroll link from their Kickstarter fundraiser to their Reverbnation page.