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Gore’s no gentleman


The most serious challenge to civilization in Tennessee's history: The Al Gore Memorial mansion and SUV collection

Received a “D” in Natural Science while partying at Harvard.

In his commencement speech at Hamilton College on Sunday, former Vice President Al Gore told the graduates that global warming is “the most serious challenge our civilization has ever faced.”

Hyperbole? From Obama’s fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner and coreligionist? Perish the thought. Besides, the science is settled – Gore might have learned that had he paid attention in science class.


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In the tank for the One


The loving Great Father takes care of his own

White house says jump, the press asks “how high?”  There was a time, long ago, when the mainstream press took a certain pride in its independence, or at least pretended they did. But that was when a Bush was in the White House – these days, the pathetic lap dogs  grovel at their master’s feet.

Investors’ Daily:

Reporters normally cast a jaundiced eye at a political campaign’s PR strategy. Yet they are eagerly parroting the Obama campaign’s talking point about how “cool” the president is.

In early February, Politico reported that the Obama campaign, hoping to rekindle enthusiasm among young voters, was “looking to revive the cool appeal.” Then, suddenly, news stories started popping up about Obama’s alleged coolness, in contrast to that drip Romney. A sampling:

• President Obama: The cool factor

• ‘Cool’ Obama Returns GOP Fire on Gas Prices

• Obama: The new King of Cool

• Barack Obama is cool. Mitt Romney is not. What does it mean for 2012?

• Campaigning for the ‘Cool’ Vote

• The Obama-Romney ‘Cool Gap’

• The Ned Flanders of Politics: Romney Isn’t Cool

• Obama On Late Night Too Cool For Cool?

• Obama, Jimmy Fallon and the race for cool


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War on women

Golfer  in Chief hits the links again today and still refuses to play with girls.  But not at the Congressional – they don’t allow women there and Obama just won’t stand for that.


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Housing hits bottom and stays there

At least there are those who hope and think it’s hit bottom, but no one is predicting it will rise again for years.

There’s more that will keep home prices from rising, once they do hit bottom. First, many Americans don’t have the required down payment or can’t qualify for a mortgage. Banks are making borrowers jump through more hoops in order to produce loans that can’t be subjected to a costly “buy-back” demand from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or other investors if the loan defaults. That is keeping credit very tight.

More than one-third of all homeowners have less than 25% equity, including 15% that are underwater, meaning their homes are worth less than what they owe.

Second, inventory declines may be less of a sign of health than they would suggest and instead reflect one of the structural problems holding back housing: Sellers are frozen, either unwilling or unable to sell at current values. Markets above the entry level, where demand from investors and first-time buyers isn’t as strong, face a particularly steep climb because of that equity hole.

“Nobody’s voluntarily putting their home up for sale,” said John Burns, a home-builder consultant based in Irvine, Calif.


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GHS (and an Eastern Middle School student) win state math championship fourth year in a row.

Pretty damn impressive. Co-Captain Warren Bein is the son of my friends and neighbors  Andrew and Janet Bein. Congratulations.


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Would you spend $20 trillion following this man’s advice?

He does have a point

Former baseball player Tim McCarver blames global warming, not steroids, for the increased production of homeruns.  Even in a profession not known for the intellectual prowess of its practitioners this is so breathtakingly stupid that it should give pause to other Warming Alarmists. But if seeing an Obama bumper sticker on the car of an illiterate moron does nothing to shake their faith in the man, they’ll stick with the “settled science” and proceed to dismantle our economy. Besides, they probably agree with McCarver.

Here’s that $20 trillion price tag on preventing global warming, by the way, courtesy of the UN General Secretary.

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Aw, it’s been a year – time flies


England down the drain

The Royal tots celebrate their first anniversary.  I suppose when we lose our own hegemony, sell off our last aircraft carrier and are populated by pensioners with fogged memories of  lost glory we’ll grasp firmly to this sort of diversion too. I give us maybe twenty years.


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The current President of the United States is so contemptuous of his fellow citizens that he assumes they won’t remember what he said two days ago

Sunday, April 29, 2012: White House: “Obama isn’t politicizing death of Osama.

You Tube is proving it impossible for the Big Lie to get the traction it used to, even with the cooperation of the New York Times.

April 27th, 2012:


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No, poverty doesn’t cause crime, stupid criminals cause crime

One of two defendants charged with killing waiter for his iPhone makes $1,000 a week at cable company. Caught when they tried to sell the stolen phone on EBay for $400.00. Guess they figured too many of their peers are getting captured when they boast of their crimes on Face Book.


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Now we can stop worrying and get some sleep

John Rowland relaxes on Democrat headquarters stoop

John Rowland’s life-time pension,with full medical insurance, kicks in this week. $50,000 per year, with an additional $10,000 coming from the feds in a few years. So what’s our disgraced former governor been up to since getting out of jail? According to the linked article, collecting on a no-show job and kicking back some of the funds to his political benefactor. What a country.

UPDATE: I deliberately chose this picture and wrote this caption to elicit a response from Dollar Bill and, predictable as rain, he didn’t disappoint (see his comment, below). There’s nothing I can do to get DB to see the absurdity and humor in life – that opportunity passed at his birth – but in an attempt to brighten his bleak world, I thought I’d pose a simple logic problem that even he’ll be able to answer and perhaps feel a bit better about himself:

1. All humorless people are stupid

2. Dollar Bill is humorless

3. Dollar Bill is  …………………………………………


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Y’a think?

31 kids at UConn Danbury  “paint party” taken to hospital for acute alcohol poisoning. “Advance planning was key” officials say. You’d think the best kind of advance planning would have been the cancellation of this event, since everyone knew what was coming. Love the euphemism “a patient-producing event”.

The concert was billed as “The World’s Largest Paint Party,” and featured a mix of high-energy electronic music, dancing and cannons that deliver paint blasts into the audience.

Matthew Cassavechia, the director of emergency medical services for Danbury Hospital, a division of the Western Connecticut Health Network, said that during routine special events planning, he did a historical analysis of Dayglow concerts and discovered that they were “patient-producing” events.

Cassavechia said he traveled to a recent Dayglow concert in Hartford, where he said more than 40 patients had to be taken to the hospital.

“Upon the discovery that it was a patient-producing event, we developed a comprehensive plan to make sure that while concert attendees have fun, they are also safe and well cared for,” Cassavechia said.

That plan included the deployment of a mobile field hospital on loan from the state Department of Public Health. The preparations, he said, allowed the patients to be cared for while not overwhelming the city’s or the hospital’s emergency services.

“There was a lot of planning that went into this,” Cassavechia said. “No matter what event comes to the city, we have to make sure we are prepared. That’s what the public expects of us.”

Cassavechia declined to comment on specific medical conditions that arose during Friday’s concert at WestConn, citing privacy laws. He did say there was some “substance abuse” at the show.

Paul Estefan, Danbury’s emergency management director, said the advance planning was “well worth the effort.”

Steinmetz said alcohol was not sold during the event, and that those attending were checked before entering the building.

Mayor Mark Boughton said that while binge drinking “sometimes goes hand in hand with an event like this, it “crosses the line” when dozens of people need medical assistance.

“The university may want to re-evaluate if they are going to host this event again next year,” Boughton said.

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