In the tank for the One


The loving Great Father takes care of his own

White house says jump, the press asks “how high?”  There was a time, long ago, when the mainstream press took a certain pride in its independence, or at least pretended they did. But that was when a Bush was in the White House – these days, the pathetic lap dogs  grovel at their master’s feet.

Investors’ Daily:

Reporters normally cast a jaundiced eye at a political campaign’s PR strategy. Yet they are eagerly parroting the Obama campaign’s talking point about how “cool” the president is.

In early February, Politico reported that the Obama campaign, hoping to rekindle enthusiasm among young voters, was “looking to revive the cool appeal.” Then, suddenly, news stories started popping up about Obama’s alleged coolness, in contrast to that drip Romney. A sampling:

• President Obama: The cool factor

• ‘Cool’ Obama Returns GOP Fire on Gas Prices

• Obama: The new King of Cool

• Barack Obama is cool. Mitt Romney is not. What does it mean for 2012?

• Campaigning for the ‘Cool’ Vote

• The Obama-Romney ‘Cool Gap’

• The Ned Flanders of Politics: Romney Isn’t Cool

• Obama On Late Night Too Cool For Cool?

• Obama, Jimmy Fallon and the race for cool


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7 responses to “In the tank for the One

  1. Rude Poster

    Obama smokes menthol Kools. That is all you need to know.

  2. Anonymous

    What? Obama’s Jimmy Fallon spot was LAME, LAME, LAME! And it’s being touted as an example of Obama’s coolness?

    I find this disconnect from reality encouraging: voters are not nearly as stupid as “journalists” assume they are.

    That phony knee-jerk, pearly white smile is getting old. Very old.

  3. It was his idea

    The voters who would be wooed by the cool factor are all living with their parents right now- and that’s not cool.

  4. Anonymous

    Obama has held more re-election fundraisers than previous five Presidents combined as he visits key swing states on his ‘permanent campaign’.

    Obama had held 104 fundraisers by March 6th this year, compared to 94 held by Presidents Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Snr, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush combined.

    Since then, Obama has held another 20 fundraisers, bringing his total to 124. Carter held four re-election fundraisers in the 1980 campaign, Reagan zero in 1984, Bush Snr 19 in 1992, Clinton 14 in 1996 and Bush Jnr 57 in 2004.

    Read more:

  5. Fred2

    Cool. ,,,obviously has changed meaning since I was little.