War on women

Golfer  in Chief hits the links again today and still refuses to play with girls.  But not at the Congressional – they don’t allow women there and Obama just won’t stand for that.


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3 responses to “War on women

  1. anon

    After such a strenuous night last night telling jokes and hob-nobbing with George Clooney, a guy’s just GOT to rest today and hit the links. This is the 96th time he’s played golf since becoming president. Even though there were no women in his foursome today, he played with a more valuable team member, White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson. Surely Michelle gave Barack a list of summer vacation spots they needed Nicholson to vet and what better place to discuss in private Vineyard v. Nantucket, then on the golf course.

  2. Brown Eyed Girl

    Just a fact check here: The Congressional CC does allow women. You perhaps are thinking of Burning Tree (in Maryland), which does not allow women on the grounds, period. Not even female Secret Service agents who might be in the detail to protect a golfing Pres or VP. According to the link, that is not where Obama played with his 3 pals.

  3. NRA

    The Won doesn’t play with girls.” Ask Kal Penn. Larry Sinclair. Rahm. Reggie…