An over-priced home for the Democrat 1%?


Doesn't do it for me, your taste may differ

Jack Nicholson has placed his weekend cottage in Aspen up for sale: 12,000 sq.ft. lot, 5,600 sq. ft. house, and not at all impressive or even attractive. It does carry a price tag sure to appeal to his fellow movie stars and friends of  ‘Bama: $15 million. I’m not familiar with property values in the Democratic enclave at  Aspen but money is as water to these people, so perhaps he’ll get it.

Too small to host the Princess and her entourage but maybe she can use it to put up some Secret Servicemen and their prostitutes. Just as Joe Biden makes a tidy profit renting out his own guest cottage to the Secret Servicemen assigned to guard him, this could be a mini-profit center for the First Family, should book sales drop.


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3 responses to “An over-priced home for the Democrat 1%?

  1. 1,000 per sq.ft. normal… downtown
    Republican stronghold
    Aspen Institute gets a lot of leftie press but Vail is where the victims wail…

  2. Rude Poster

    Aspen is essentially the Hampsteins out West. Lots of short ugly men wearing fur coats and diamond encrusted rolexes (most of them are terrible skiiers). It is a beautiful place filled with nasty people.