Cos Cob land sale

21 Mimosa, one acre, has an accepted offer. Last asking price was $925,000, down from its 2009 price of $1.275. It sat for 842 days but that may have more to do with the dearth of builders from 2009 – to date than anything else. I’d guess it will actually sell in the mid-eights, but who knows? An acre of good land is rare.


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2 responses to “Cos Cob land sale

  1. Anon

    Chris, great macroeconomic news…Spain will have to default, UK in double recssion, China’s growth slowing,…

    Great news for housing recovery in the US!

  2. Anonymous

    Anon, but Obama’s Charlie McCarthy, Paul Krugman, said this morning that Spain tried and failed at austerity. Hence, his conclusion, America certainly can’t be austere now. If it didn’t do Spain any good, why would it be good for the USA. Great logic, eh? His solution: Time to throw lots of money at hiring more teachers, shovel-ready jobs, (translation, unions!). China is angry with us for holding one of their dissidents at the US Embassy so Clinton and Geithner are flying over there this week to “talk things over.” We’re screwed as a country. Royally royally screwed. It’s not just the housing recovery that’s in the toilet. America is like that TV ad: Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!