Everything old is new again

Better'n new, you betcha!

It’s spring, and long dormant homes are reappearing as “new” listings. Well, ya gotta try, I suppose, but  retreads usually sell at a discount.

One Birchwood Road, a spec job over at Will Merry and (extremely) close to transportation via the Merritt Parkway, tried a price of $6.495 in 2006 and by doing so missed that market and followed the rest of the housing stock into the  in the abyss that began in late 2007. It’s been on and off the market since then and now it’s back with a Westchester broker and a new price, $5.695 million. Had they started there six years ago the builders might have made out but now they have an old house at the price of a new one and probably above that level, too. Fours, maybe? I remember it as not a bad house but a pretty standard spec and then there’s the Merritt to consider. Not horrible, but a factor.

And 82 Glenville Road (scroll), built new in 2002 and sold then for $3 million, $5,000 above asking, started at $3.875 a year ago and like Birchwood, is back as new, asking $3.250. Sounds as though the sellers will have to settle for that 2002 price or a tad lower. Good back yard, Glenville Road in front, NTTAWWT (!)


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5 responses to “Everything old is new again

  1. as usual, I am confused: has One Birchwood been sitting empty since it was built? Listing says built in 2007 and photos on listing make the house look brand spanking new, like built yesterday. If I were a jaded person, I’d say those photos were from when they put it on the market back in 2007. Is that kosher? I see its for rent too.

  2. AJ

    Everything old is new again, even food.

    FDA Allows Corporations to “Recondition” Old Food
    In order to save money, some corporations will repackage older food into new packaging and resell it. One public school lunch supplier tried this with moldy apple sauce re-canned and was reprimanded to never try that “stunt” again…….