First we take all your money, then we’ll tell you what you must do

Majority of British doctors favor withholding medical services to smokers and fat people. The battle for a single payer medical system is not about providing medical care, it’s about control, just as warming alarmists aren’t really worried about polar bears.

But it is easier to promote behaviour desired by the state when a population lives on state handouts. And for states that might want to influence the behaviour of their citizens — their resource consumption, their carbon footprint, their moral and ethical beliefs, or their attitude toward the state — this could be an attractive proposition. It might cost a lot to run a welfare system, but it brings a lot of power to influence citizens.

And increasingly throughout the Western world, citizens are becoming dependent on the state for their standard of living. In the UK, 92% of people are dependent on the socialist NHS for healthcare. 46 million Americans receive food stamps. That gives states a lot of leverage to influence behaviour. First it may be used in a (relatively sensible) attempt to curtail smoking and obesity. Beyond that, the sky is the limit. Perhaps doctors or bureaucrats may someday suggest withholding treatment or dole money from those who exceed their personal carbon or meat consumption quota? A tyrant could even withhold welfare from those who do not pledge their undying allegiance or military service to a regime or ideology (it happened many times last century). An underclass of rough and hungry welfare recipients is a fertile recruiting ground for military and paramilitary organisations (like the TSA).

With the wide expansion of welfare comes a lot of power, and the potential for the abuse of power. Citizens looking for a free lunch or an easier world should be careful what they wish for. Welfare recipients take note: you depend on government for your standard of living, you open yourself up to losing your liberty.


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7 responses to “First we take all your money, then we’ll tell you what you must do

  1. NRA

    “…and there came a new Pharaoh…” The problem of handing-over real power to purchase a little (apparent) security isn’t exactly new.

  2. Anonymous

    I favor withholding services to fat people and smokers.

    Spend a day at any ER and take a wild guess who you’ll see.

    • And alcoholics, drug users, meat eaters, people with high blood pressure who don’t take their medicine, helmetless bicycle riders, non-seatbelt-wearing accident victims, rock climbers, non-swimmers who wade in too deep, careless skill-saw operators,attempted suicides, oh, the list could go on and on. And if you don’t care to pay for everyone else’s medical care, fine – I’m with you. Welcome to the loyal opposition to ObamaCare.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ll take it one further.

    How about , one cannot graduate from high school if they are too fat.

    If GHS can make people learn to swim, surely they can make people eat normal.

  4. Anonymous

    No no ,

    Just fat people

  5. So anon, if a fat person comes into the ER with a broken elbow or a high fever, no treatment?

    As to who you see in the ER, it depends on where the hospital is and when you look, but it’s not just fat people and smokers.