Blue Danube waltz?

Libya’s former Prime Minister and, later, Oil Minister falls into the Danube and drowns. Police rule out murder but  it’s a little cold to be swimming in the Danube right now and this sure sounds a lot like any one of dozens of espionage/political thrillers out there. Besides, if the Russians can assassinate someone in London with a poisoned umbrella, how difficult would this be?


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  1. NRA

    Reminds me of the “racist” grandmother who just happened to pass away a few weeks prior to the last election.

  2. dogwalker

    Yeah, and Vienna was THE hotbed of espionage activity for decades, but, really, why would the Russians bother? The guy is of no consequence now. I suspect he tried to short-change a hooker, and the Austrian Sexworkers Syndicate puts up with no nonsense.

    • Not necessarily the Russians -there are those in Libya who are mad because of his close ties to Gaddafi, and then there are all those governments and private companies who made nuder-the-table deals for oil. Lots of players here, any one of whom might be embarrassed or angry by this guy’s continued existence. He did, after all, flee Libya less than a year ago and now he’s dead. Just saying …

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Maybe he slipped on a carelessly discarded banana peel?