Like political regimes of all stripes, Obummer’s fires employee who slips up and speaks the truth

EPA official who spoke candidly about his agency’s desire and goal to “crucify” the oil industry is fired. His boss, Obummer himself, promised to bankrupt the coal industry and he got elected. Hardly seems fair to toss overboard a flunky who was just following orders.


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6 responses to “Like political regimes of all stripes, Obummer’s fires employee who slips up and speaks the truth

  1. Fred2

    He had a choice you know, one employee or the entire country…
    if wasn’t possible to do the entire country , yet, so under the bus the man went.

  2. JRH

    Is this really objectionable? He was talking about people and firms that are violating laws that are already on the books, and have been for decades. You might think they’re bad laws, but isn’t the solution then to get rid of the laws — not get angry at people who have a legal obligation to enforce them as written?

    • While I disagree with your assessment of oil companies – in fact, I’m grateful for their service, your argument is with Obama, not me, because it’s Obama who fired the guy.

  3. JRH

    Nothing in my comment about oil companies. I don’t think that all of them are currently violating environmental laws, but the ones that are surely deserve whatever enforcement actions come at them. The way to cure bad laws on the books is to get rid of the laws, not chide the administrative agencies that have a legal obligation to enforce the laws in their jurisdiction.

    Grateful for their service? I’m glad I’m able to drive my car, heat my home and fly on planes, too, but let’s not get on here like these are charitable ventures run by altruists. They make extraordinary profits because they sell what we all need; but do you really think that their profitability rests on the special tax breaks they were able to obtain by plying Congress with cash? (If it does, then they’re not running great businesses.)

    One final thing: where’s the evidence that Obama’s environmental agenda is “crippling” our poor oil companies? Here’s the data, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, not some left-wing site:

    Total unemployment rates, non-farm private sector:
    2007: 4.7%
    2008: 5.9%
    2009: 9.8%
    2010: 9.9%
    2011: 9.0%

    Total unemployment rates, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction:
    2007: 3.4%
    2008: 3.1%
    2009: 11.6%
    2010: 9.4%
    2011: 6.1%

    In other words, unemployment in the oil/gas industry has fallen by almost half since Obama came to office. There’s now less unemployment in the oil/gas industry than in the economy in general. Know where the unemployment rate has doubled since Obama took office? Government workers, at 3.6% when he came to office and 4.7% now, an increase of more than 50%.

  4. JRH

    Correlation is not causation, but “Obama’s regs are destroying our oil and gas industry!” is a causal claim — and one that the actual numbers just don’t bear out.

    If Obama-era regulations were responsible for, or even a major contributor to, current unemployment levels, wouldn’t you expect to see those industries that his domestic agenda has focused on suffer disproportionate job losses? Yet somehow, energy and healthcare companies have among the highest earnings per share in the S&P 500. Corporate profits’ share of the economy is above where it was at the beginning of the recession, before Obama came into office. Corporate bond yields for all industries are lower than their pre-recession, pre-Obama levels — and energy industry bond yields are among the lowest. For a guy who champions free markets, you’re not listening to what they’ve got to say here.