Pelosi lied, people died (got all choked up, anyway)


Before her conversion

Shocker! She knew terrorists were being water-boarded all along.

Even though everyone knew the Speaker of the House was lying, or more precisely, because everyone knew she was lying, House Democrats blocked a Congressional inquiry into the matter in 2009.

Good thing for her she isn’t Dick Cheney (but too bad for our country).


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15 responses to “Pelosi lied, people died (got all choked up, anyway)

  1. Jose Rodriquez was on 60 Minutes last night, saying Obama doesn’t capture any terrorists because if he did, he’d (a) he’d have to put them in prison, yep, at GITMO, the place he swore to close on Day One and (b) he might have to engage in enhanced interrogation and be accused of using torturous methods. So, to avoid any of that scrutiny, Obama spends billions in drones and kills them from overhead. Rodriquez went on to say that Obama has basically neutered the CIA, taking away its ability to find and interrogate and get more information. I hope Rodriguez gets out and about on all the media. He has alot of good things to say.

  2. Anonymous

    Her constituents will respond in the same way as the WaPo libs are doing by shrieking about Bush, Cheney, and the author of the article.

    Apparently, Rodrigues was on 60 minutes last night, I haven’t watched all the way through but here is the interview if anyone is interested in watching it.
    Part I

    Part II

  3. Dollar Bill

    Yes, Rodriguez certainly had “a lot of good things to say, ” if you’re a psychopath, as he clearly is. Waterboarding is torture, and if its now called”; “enhanced interrogation”, does that mean we owe an apology to the Japanese war criminals we prosecuted for waterboarding after WW2? Or is waterboarding OK if we practice it, but barbaric if anyone else visits it on us? Rodriguez is a horrible cretin, and if there were any justice, he’d be thrown in the slammer as the war criminal he is.

  4. $B, I’ll be sure to tell my oldest son, serving in Afghanistan to keep even assholes like you safe, that when he comes across a potential terrorist, he should call you first for advice. Be careful what you say $B, I am a mom of an Army sniper. And on the weekends, a psychopath.

  5. Anonymous

    In $Shrill’s world, it’s better to just send in drones to kill them because that’s not “torture”. šŸ™„

  6. I can see why you think he’s criminally insane, DB. He wanted to defend innocent people in his country from large scale murderous attacks by zealots.

  7. Headline = Bill Bait.

    Well done, Chris, well done.

  8. Greenwich Gal

    I have to finally weigh in on Dollar Bill.
    DB- You are a fool, simple as that. I have, on ocassions, defended your right to exist on this blog, as an example pf tolerance and free speech and the lively exchange of ideas, blah, blah blah.
    But quite frankly, you are on my LAST nerve and I am getting kind of sick of your ingnorant blather.
    Can’t you just go away? If you were a pesky fly, I would swat you. Because, really, you are not adding to the intelligent conversation here.

  9. Cobra

    SphincterBill offers about as much amusement value as a severe case of irritable bowel syndrome.

  10. Dollar Bill

    As John McCain, who knows torture, and others have said, we do not uphold American values, and defend our country by soiling them. Torture is a stain on our values, and we don’t protect anyone by engaging in it. That much should be clear to anyone with a shred of moral decency, which this fascistic Rodriguez creep lacks. No surprise to learn that he trained the Central American torture squads while with the CIA. Like I said, if we had a functioning legal system, this sociopath would be behind bars, not raking in dough from his tell-all book in which he boasts of his crimes.

    • Thank God we don’t have a legal system that functions the way you’d like it, Bill, or we’d never have killed Bin Laden (which I’m sure you disapproved of anyway). It’s hard to prove a negative but I have no doubt that we’d have lost thousands of American lives if our CIA and special forces operated the way you would have them act.

      Aren’t you supposed to be down rioting on Wall Street? What, you let a little rain dampen your ardor? Shame on you.

  11. Anon21

    Can we please waterboard this beotch. That will get to the truth. And for DB how about some prolonged isolation combined with naked sleep deprivation.