Price reported and a price cut

10 Lake Drive South in Riverside, $1.6 million. Asked $1.795 in September and I’m a little surprised it sat so long on the market. Nice house, good location and compared to others on the market right now, a relative bargain.

22 Cherry Tree Lane, also in Riverside, in Harbor Point, has cut its price to $5.295 from $5.495. It asked $6.995 million last June which was obviously too high but i think it’s pretty well priced now. Beautiful house, absolutely top-quality construction and water views from the (back) porch. unfortunately, my current clients can’t afford it.


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2 responses to “Price reported and a price cut

  1. shoeless

    I saw 42 Riverside has an offer. The new construction across the street sold for stupid $$ and it looks like the builder at 42 found another one.

  2. watergirl

    We looked at 22 Cherry Tree Lane. While it is beautiful, I felt it was and still is a bit overpriced. There was also no closet space or playroom for kids.