Maybe our fired Secret Service agents should look east for employment

Stop making so much noise!

The stories from Obummer’s disastrous visit to Colombia reminded me of a true tale told me by my friend and fellow realtor Mary Ann Heaven about the time she and Marshall rented their Kennebunkport home to the Russians.

Putin was in town to visit Bush II (or maybe I, I forget) and the Ruskies needed a place to board some of his bodyguards. The Heaven’s house was available, a deal was struck and the Russians moved in for a few days. And what a few days. Neighbors told Mary Ann that the guards, who presumably were expected to protect Putin during the day, stayed up partying all night, every night, and each morning there were at least two full-sized trash cans stuffed to overflowing with empty vodka bottles.

Not sure I’d want to be in the same town with a band of hungover, perhaps still drunk, Uzi-toting Russians, but no mention was ever made of anyone getting shot or even of any disgruntled prostitutes, so I suppose the visit could be deemed a success.


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7 responses to “Maybe our fired Secret Service agents should look east for employment

  1. anon

    Those guys don’t need to work. They get to live off their pensions for the rest of their lives, costing taxpayers $2mm per agent:

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Ummm…. What Uzis?

  3. Cobra

    Right, LA…they look like M4’s.

    • First I write, then I search for an illustration. If it takes more than 30 seconds to a minute, it’s taken too long. So I write “Uzi”, search for “Russian bodyguards” and come up with some goons with automatic weapons. Close enough for my purposes, but with apologies to purists. !

  4. Cobra

    Just an observation, not a criticism. Anytime like-minded patriots can discuss armament on FWIW, we enjoy the opportunity.

  5. Fred2

    I know a man who organized a thank you party in Russia after a long contract, and sent out the project’s gofer guy to pick up some booze for the party.

    Gofer guy looks at the shopping list, and goes “how many people are invited?” “About 30” Gofer guy looks at his employer. “The other stuff here is fine, wine, etc…, but 12 bottles of Vodka? That will never do. You’ll need more. Much more.” Employer look sat gofer guy. “How much more can a bunch of engineers, accountants and finance geeks and economist drink?”

    Next morning there were, by the count: 56 empty Vodka bottles , ( and all the other booze was gone too.) It was a great party apparently

    My pal was in shocked awe how much middle aged Russians can put down and still remain standing and coherent.

    Not a great surprise their life expectancy isn’t great.