Obama puts Hispanics on ICE

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and scram

Raids on farms hiring illegal workers soar since 2009, thousands lose their jobs.  So with no one to grow and harvest our food, won’t food prices climb into the stratosphere? Obama’s not worried: “Who they gonna believe, me or their own lying eyes? Say, do I look cool in these jeans or what?”

Since January 2009, the Obama administration has audited at least 7,533 employers suspected of hiring illegal labor and imposed about $100 million in administrative and criminal fines—more audits and penalties than were imposed during the entire George W. Bush administration. The latest penalty hit HerbCo International Inc., a big Washington state-based supplier of organic herbs, which agreed Tuesday to pay $1 million in fines for employing illegal immigrants and then rehiring some of them after an ICE audit last year

President Barack Obama is walking a fine line as he turns up the heat on companies that hire illegal immigrants and at the same time courts Hispanic voters, many of whom oppose a crackdown. While the audits don’t lead to the deportation of a firm’s illegal workers, they all lose their jobs. Critics of the crackdown say it drives more immigrants to exploitative, off-the-books work. For firms, the audits can lead to deep losses in productivity, in addition to civil and criminal fines.”The president is trying to have it both ways—appease the enforcement hard-liners while appealing to Hispanic voters,” said Craig Regelbrugge, co-chairman of the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform, a group that lobbies for a loosening of restrictions on illegal immigrants. The audits “routinely hit good employers who…treat workers well, leaving crippled farms and shattered families in their wake.”


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13 responses to “Obama puts Hispanics on ICE

  1. JRH

    Trying not to laugh…First he’s too soft on immigration and plotting devious schemes to register millions of illegal immigrants to vote for him, and now he’s too harsh and is responsible for the rising prices of global commodities.

    • JRH, once again, it’s the hypocrisy that I’m pointing out, not his specific action (though if you’ll check, you’ll see I’ve never supported the wholesale round up and deportation of illegals). The man is running as a friend hi Hispanics and at the same time doubling the efforts of that ol’ Debbil’ Bush to throw their relatives and friends out of work and out of this country.

  2. JRH: How ’bout more hypocrisy…The Chosen One rails against Bush’s use of “torture” to extract information from captured terrorists and yet orders the assassination of American citizens abroad by means of Predator missiles.
    You really need to stop drinking that Kool-Aid…it’s not good for your brain.

  3. Cos cobber

    JRH, apparently obama’s preference is for illegal unemployed aliens who can vote without an ID. Employed illegals are not accept. See the afl-cio for a more detailed response.

  4. anon

    the larger hypocrisy is about Michelle’s clothing; dems are outraged that ann romney had an expensive blouse on the other day but no one reports that michelle has a closet full of cashmere sweaters by L’wren scott, costing a couple of thousand dollars each. the two are poster children for hypocrisy. i could care less if michelle has expensive clothes, if she can afford it fine, that’s not the point, but to wear them WHILE talking about to middle class “folks” about her “blessed” husband, puke puke puke.

  5. Mazama

    Large apple orchardists 50 miles from where I live were raided – orchards and packing plants – and hundreds of workers hauled away and the operators fined.

    So this season they’re planning to bring in 1,800+ Jamacians with legal guest worker permits who fly in, live in camps and then are flown out after the harvest. Have not yet heard whether the Jamacians will continue the colorful tradition of large-scale Saturday night cock fighting events their Mexican predessors enjoyed.

    • Jamaica has traditionally supplied apple pickers – a friend of mine who alongside them in Vermont in 1972 or so reported that they made a very good pay because they could pick about five times faster than he could. The US stopped issuing visas for them some years ago under the misguided impression that Americans wanted the jobs but of course, they didn’t.

  6. Obama is trying to woo the independents, the unions AND La Raza. Maybe it will work but doubtful.

  7. JRH

    Old Coot: you won’t ever hear me applauding this administration’s ramped use of drones, and you certainly won’t hear unqualified support for the Awlaki assassination. Legal liberals have been this administration’s biggest critics on a number of fronts — it’s just plain error to say they’ve condemned things under Bush that they applaud or ignore under Obama. The criticism has been loud and consistent.

    Cos Cobber: Actually, the administration effected a new US deportation policy when it came into office that prioritizes the deportation of undocumented people with serious criminal records. And if you think the AFL-CIO is opposed to immigration reform, you haven’t gotten an update on American labor politics since the 1980s.

  8. Cos Cobber

    JRH, the facts are ICE has stepped up its business raids under Obama while the democratic party has continued to fight any voter ID requirements. The ICE raids appeal to Obama union supporters while the voter ID fight appeals to those who cannot be bothered to register to vote in a timely manner or manage to find a pocket to store a photo ID.

    What did I get wrong?

    Personally I enjoy the American immigrant story. We need to modify our laws to allow a moderate flow to enter and work in America in a legal manner. We need to make it easier for American businesses to legally hire these people (ie as in we need a better green card system).

  9. I’ve noticed the same thing as Anon – during the last presidential election, the Republican candidate’s wife The Heinz heiress) had a very extravagant ball gown, and it caused degrading remarks. No one cared about the stupid million dollar fake pillars to be used as a backdrop for an Obama speech. They just don’t notice their own waste. And I was one of them…now I’m not part of any group. I don’t like anybody who is running. I guess I have to start disliking somebody less than the others.

  10. Rude Poster

    Kerry (the husband of the Heinz lady) was a democrat last time i checked.

  11. Anonymous

    @Rude Poster, I think peeps is just confusing Teresa Heinz with Mrs. McCain. Never mind the huge flap Democrats raised over Mrs. Palin’s clothing with nary a “peep” over Mrs. Obama’s extravagant wardrobe.