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A dinner date at the White House for Elizabeth Warren – hot dog!

I won’t tell your students about this if  you don’t mention it to the girls

Nothing a red-blooded Indian (or Indonesian) enjoys more than a heaping, steaming pile of dog meat.


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Laughed at,scorned and damn hungry, now that he can’t chow on a chow


Composite Girl

The Obama campaign has released a seven minute video purporting to tell the tale of “Julia”, a composite of all the girls he’s loved before. Like everything else he’s tried in the past three years, he’s just created another opportunity to howl.

So here’s the plot, as described by James Taranto:

Julia, who has no face, is depicted at various ages from 3 through 67, enjoying the benefits of various Obama-backed welfare-state programs.

As a toddler, she’s in a head-start program. Skip ahead to 17, and she’s enrolled at a Race to the Top high school. Her 20s are very active: She gets surgery and free birth control through ObamaCare regulations, files a lawsuit under the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and pays off her student loans at a low interest rate. We get updates at age 31, 37 and 42–and then the narrative skips ahead 23 years when she enrolls in Medicare. Two years later, she’s on Social Security, at which point she can die at any time.

In a column amusingly titled “Who the Hell Is ‘Julia’ and Why Am I Paying for Her Whole Life?” David Harsanyi raises an obvious objection to the story: “What we are left with is a celebration of a how a woman can live her entire life by leaning on government intervention, dependency and other people’s money rather than her own initiative or hard work. It is, I’d say, implicitly un-American, in the sense that it celebrates a mindset we have–outwardly, at least–shunned.”

At 31, the story tells us, “Julia decides to have a child. Throughout her pregnancy, she benefits from maternal checkups, prenatal care, and free screenings under health care reform.” In due course she bears a son named Zachary, the only other character in the tale.

Julia apparently never marries. She simply “decides” to have a baby, and Obama uses other people’s money to help her take care of it. Julia doesn’t appear to be poor; at various points the story refers to her glamorous career as a Web designer, and it makes no mention of her benefiting from poverty programs like Medicaid or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

So that’s Obama’s vision for America and one that he feels is shared by voters. I have no doubt that his team used focus groups comprised of people like Dollar Bill and JRH who must have loved it, but what these solipsistic Washington types don’t understand is that many Americans don’t want a free lunch paid for by the sweat of others. They don’t want to be totally dependent on the state, don’t want their eating, driving, drinking, smoking, thinking habits monitored and controlled by that same state in exchange for “free” government services and don’t think Julia represents anything close to who they want to be.

Are there enough of such Americans left to throw these petty dictators from office come November? I think there are.


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Whew! We dodged a bullet


I’m WHAT???!!!

Osama’s secret plan to destroy America: assassinate Obama and put the “utterly unprepared” Joe Biden in the White House. Say what you will about this heartless bastard, he had his moments of brilliance.


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The Liberals’ version of race


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Even Wall Street can’t prop up a bad product forever

Green Mountain tasters approving a batch of beans

Green Mountain Coffee drops 44% today on bad earnings report. Its stock was trading at $115 last September and today you can buy it for $27.60. But just like its K-Cup coffee, why would you want to?

Certain influential investors, such as Greenlight Capital Chairman David Einhorn and T2 Partners money manager Whitney Tilson, have been particularly bearish on the stock for several months. In October, Mr. Einhorn’s infamous 110-slide presentation accusing the company of providing poor transparency and overspending sent shares tumbling, while Mr. Tilson even suggested Green Mountain was inflating its sales, although he hasn’t been able to prove it.

Einhorn worried about the company’s phony numbers – all I know is that, as brilliant an idea as Green Mountain’s Keurig brewer is, the coffee in those K-Cups sucks. I gave up waiting for better stuff and left my Keurig in the dumpster last weekend when I moved my office. I’d have been far better off shorting the stock like Mr. Einhorn but that’s why he’s rich and I’m not. Well, one of the reasons.


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Elizabeth Warren, the gift who keeps on giving

David Bowie, Indian Chief?

The Harvard Law professor and sinking senatorial candidate just keeps on digging. Here’s her latest attempt to defend her claim to minority status:

“My grandfather Peepaw had high cheekbones, just like all Indians do”.

UPDATE: Business Insider, not at all my favorite source for anything, nonetheless has a nice recap of the Warren story so far, just in case you’ve missed the fun.


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Freedom of speech!

Stupid is as stupid does – Occupier who blames Wall Street for his inability to obtain gainful employment

Yesterday I wrote of the Department of Homeland Security official who sent congratulatory Tweets to the Occupy rioters on May Day and questioned why we taxpayers were funding the agency. Reader HRJ, bless his heart, immediately jerked into action with this passionate defense of the free speech rights of the man being paid to protect us:

Shudder…! Perish the thought that government employees have opinions and are participating in democracy. Who do these guys think they are, citizens?

I think this guy has a better grasp of what’s going on here and what the DHS is aiding and abetting:  “So yesterday, OWS tore up a couple of cities, sent fake anthrax to banks, and tried to blow up a bridge… I for one can’t wait for the media expose about racists in the Tea Party.”

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Bad bills never die, they just get re-lobbied

Red light camera proposal dead for another legislative session but sponsor vows to continue the fight. This proposed law is nothing but a revenue grab for a few of Connecticut’s larger cities and is mainly a creature of a couple of equipment manufacturers and their lobbyists. It was defeated this year but will surely be back.

(February, 2012)

HARTFORD — Public officials and citizen advocates held a state Capitol press conference Thursday in an attempt to build momentum toward passage of a red-light camera enforcement bill in Connecticut — saying they believe the perennial proposal will pass in 2012 after failing every year up to now.

But they did their talking in front of a large sign put up by a group involved in organizing the event, the National Coalition for Safer Roads, or NCSR — an organization that was given start-up money, and continues to receive funds, from Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions, a private vendor of traffic-enforcement camera technology. American Traffic Solutions spent $84,000 in an unsuccessful Connecticut lobbying effort last year, and is lobbying the bill heavily again this year.

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If it costs the life of just one child …

It’s worth it. What price for another great NY Post headline? Here’s their contribution to the story of the woman arrested for burning her five-year-old in a tanning booth:

Sheer genius


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Houses back on the market

15 Ben Court, reported yesterday as having an accepted offer, no longer does. That happens more often now than it used to.


7 Binney Lane

7 Binney Lane asked $5.495 million in 2009 and was rented out when no buyer appeared. It’s back today at $4.795 million, a bit below the $4.950 paid for it in 2007. Owners added a pool and some other stuff, I believe. Interior is, to my eye, more attractive than its exterior.

Separated at birth?


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Back from open house day

Mostly an “eh”, but a couple of interest.

59 Dingletown

I liked 59 Dingletown very much. A beautifully done contemporary that was bright and light-filled even on this grey day. Very private, a great back yard with pool and pool house and all in all, good feeling house. Warning: the owners are readers and there are books in shelves all over the place. I have my own “bibliophobe theory of value” that says, the more books, the longer a house will take to sell. I think that’s because avid readers tend to live in interesting houses (I being the exception that proves the rule) and interesting doesn’t sell as quickly as plain vanilla. Which is why spec builders build only boring houses.  $4 million may be a stretch, considering its Dingletown address and its architecture but maybe not – I certainly liked this one far more than many other homes in this price range and a buyer may very well agree. I’m glad I had a chance to see it.

23 Mianus View

On the other end of both the price and architectural spectrums, I thought this house at 23 Mianus View Terrace offered a decent value at $1.185. It’s a split level but the reason splits were popular back on the day is that they offered a lot of space for the money. This one has a working doctors office accessible from the rest of the house, playroom, etc. As Greenwich prices go, it’s a relative bargain.

The house on West Way in Old Greenwich was about what I expected: fantastic water front, tired house and just 0.27 of an acre. I can’t envision the buyer for this house at $4.5 million but I’ve always suffered from a lack of imagination. If I were advising the seller, I’d have encouraged them to spend a few thousand bucks on engineering/surveyor studies to figure out what, if anything, can be built on this lot. that would go a long way toward justifying the price. As it is, and if you’re interested in buying, be sure to include a lengthy due diligence period in your contract.


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Dingletown sale price reported

18 Dingletown

18 Dingletown sold yesterday for $1.735 million, a pretty good deal for the buyer, maybe not, though, for the seller, who paid $2.4 million in 2005.  The same house sold for $1.732 around 2002 and was then extensively renovated, so I’d estimate that this property sold, considering those renovations, for close to its 1999 sale price of $1.340. Must be those columns.

15 Pell Place – dumpster dust?

Brighter news for sellers, however, can be found in the quick sale of 15 Pell Place, asking $1.695 million, which reports an accepted offer today just before it was to be exposed this morning to its first broker open house. Pell Place is that little dead end leading up from Arch Street and overlooking Binney Park. I’ve heard that, while several builders were interested in it, the owners decided to go with the offer of a young family that wants to keep the present building. Nice sentiments but in my experience these “oh we just love your home” folks usually have the place in the dumpster before the ink is dry on the warranty deed. Hey, call me a cynic, see if I care.


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Where is George Soros?

Democrats, seeking to create the illusion that they aren’t beholden to big business, banned public contributions from corporations (personal donations from corporate CEOs and their underlings are perfectly okay) and now can’t pay for their convention.

R. Donahue Peebles, a New York-based member of the Obama campaign’s national finance committee, said the Democratic Party or Obama campaign may need to pick up some of the costs—or, the party may need to drop the prohibition on corporate giving. “They can’t have an embarrassment. So, there will have to be some flexibility, somehow,” he said.

Hmm – who do the Democrats know who’s really, really good at discovering flexibility in principles? I’m thinking, I’m thinking …


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I’m so lonely I could cry

If it worked for a president, why not for a Harvard law professor?

Elizabeth Warren: “I claimed I was an Injun because I wanted to make new friends”. Well it’s true that lawyers tend to have few friends, but why would she think Indians would be any different from the white folks who shunned her?


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