Like every other recycling scam


The deserving poor

Recycling eyeglasses yields a feel-good rush and nothing else. In fact, used glasses cost twice as much as newly manufactured ones. Like all such projects, the programs are judged by the organizers’ and donors’ intent, rather than actual results. See Poverty, War on, for instance or Start, Head.


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6 responses to “Like every other recycling scam

  1. NRA

    No Child’s Behind, Left.
    The fiscal and moral rape this generation is doing to it’s grandchildren is no joke. (Our Left views it as “intergenerational love.” So… compassionate.)

  2. Peg

    Liberals frequently seem to not care so much about results, as long as something sounds quite “politically correct.” Just one more example of this, Christopher.

    “Recyling” sends a tingle down their legs…….

  3. NRA

    “Recyling” sends a tingle down their legs…….
    That’s their version of “trickle down.”

  4. There’s been a used-eyeglass donation box in the Perrot library lobby for as long as I can remember. it’s been a LionsClub cause for decades.
    Don’t know how this is liberal vs. conservative

  5. NRA

    …but it isn’t lib v con, is it? It’s intent v reality. (Granted, that’s statistically the same thing, but with stats there’s the outlier.)

    BTW, bravo to the Lions Club. Their program may or may not work – but at least it isn’t done with other peoples’ forcibly taken earnings.

  6. On a related note of good intentions that aren’t worth the cost and effort…I’ve heard of situations in which mentally retarded or sight-limited people are trained to do a job, but then can’t drive to the jobs, or it might be in areas that are too rural and involved the changing of types of public transportation. Then, after getting job training and employment-seeking assistance, buses are provided to get to and from the jobs. Some times the daily cost of the transportation can be higher than the job earns the individual. It might save money to have them not work and not have the transportation, supervision and support expense. After having said this, I am all for helping the truly handicapped, but if these are jobs that desperate non-handicapped people might want to fill, what’s it all about? Paying for their self-esteem? And then again, maybe no one would want these jobs anyway. ….Just rambling…..and I don’t think this is applicable in non-rural areas such as ours.