No voter ID, now Obama restricts investigations into welfare fraud. A pattern here?


Their hands are tied

The Social Security Administration bars judges from using Facebook when deciding disability claims.

The Social Security Administration last month told its disability-claims judges they are no longer to seek out information from websites when deciding cases — taking away a tool some of those judges say would help in uncovering fraud.

Agency officials said reviewers can’t trust information posted online, and also said the mere act of typing in queries could compromise protected private information, so they shouldn’t try to access anything.

Social Security’s ban covers all Internet sites, including social media such as Facebook.

When private insurance companies investigate suspected false disability claims they, among other tactics, hire private detectives to follow the claimant around and film his daily activities. Not surprisingly, they come up with video’s of “cripples” reroofing their homes, crawling under their cars to perform repair work, and so on. But an insurance company is protecting the money of its owners while no one “owns”  government money once it’s been seized from the poor sap who earned it so it flows out unimpeded. Witness the 93% disability rate for retired Long Island Rail Road employees and now, the Obama administration’s sabotage of investigations. Disability recipients are the fastest growing segment of Social Security payees and Obama is working hard to grow it faster. Julia is waiting for her check!


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11 responses to “No voter ID, now Obama restricts investigations into welfare fraud. A pattern here?

  1. Well, with quantitative easing the money’s not real anyway.

  2. Anonymous

    why not? they earned it.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Can’t have your constituents investigated in an election year….

  4. Rachel

    SSDI is not welfare. It is earned insurance. One must pay premiums for 40 quarters to qualify for full benefits. Would you like to be forced to pay up to 120 months of insurance premiums on your car, house, or health before you could initiate a even a partial claim?

    • Well Rachel, if I were submitting a false claim and if I were capable of being honest with myself, I’d have to admit that I was being treated fairly. By your logic, once you pay premiums for ten years you’re free to steal that money back. It’s a unique theory, but not one that a society can tolerate for long.

  5. Rude Poster

    Rachel, the days of the free lunch are almost over. Believe in yourself. Your government is too broke to take care of you.

  6. Rachel

    Whose stealing money? All SSDI claims have to include corroborating reports from medical doctors and rigorous SS admin medical testing and review processes. Something akin to 90% of initial claims are rejected. Most successful claims take well more than a year and reams of paperwork to process. One truly has to be unable to perform to receive benefits

    Shyster doctors and lawyers are much more inclined to involve themselves with Medicaid Medicare fraud, as the sheer number of daily claims are nearly impossible to follow up on.

    Chris: How many doctors and lawyers do you know, would risk losing their license, by willfully defrauding the SS administration? I would opine, none.

    • Rachel, the point of using Facebook searches was to discover fraud – like all dumb criminals, welfare cheats like to boast of their exploits to their friends. So if a picture on a disability claimant’s Facebook page shows him climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro while his claim is pending, a judge might consider that evidence of fraud. It was the possibility that such fraud might be discovered that frightened the Obama administration and moved them to bar that avenue of investigation.

      And if you really believe there is no disability fraud, if you really believe that 93% of all LIRR retirees are disabled (comparable rates for Metro North and other railroads are around 6%), if you think it’s coincidence that disability claims have climbed 51% as 99 weeks of unemployment payments expire, then you must be a Democrat.

  7. Rachel

    The LIRR fraud is a debacle. Arrests have been made. Castigate the other railroad employees and workers in general because of the systematic fraud at LIRR?
    There is absolutely no coincidence that disability claims have climbed 51% as 99 weeks of unemployment payments expire. People are in dire economic straights and are willing to lie. cheat, and steal to put food on the family table. Claims for state, local, and federal program have all increased.
    Anyone can file a claim for SSDI. Doesn’t mean one is going to be approved for such claim. So what if 51% of claims are up. Would you expect anything else in this economic climate? Of that additional 51%; what percentage has been awarded? Single digits.

    Regardless of the current national yellow journalism, approved SSDI claims are only a couple of percentage higher than actuarial predictions. The calculations didn’t foresee 13% unemployment. In better economic times, people with severe to moderate disabilities were placed in supportive working environments. Those jobs no longer exist. Again, I must emphasize that SSDI recipients’ or their families have paid into the system that they benefit from. Are there fraud cases? Of course. But they need to be weeded out and dealt with accordingly.

    ps. I love reading your blog. Your satirical prose are both refreshing and highly entertaining. I don’t know much about Greenwich real estate or real estate in the broader context, but colleagues have remarked that you really know your profession and are brutally honest. Thanks for all you do.

  8. janet

    I believe that people like Rachel are the reason this country is in the shape it’s in right now. You will never convince them that they are receiving hand-outs from hard working people. I personally know people that are defrauding the government and when you call to turn them in no one seems to care. Sure they take all the information but nothing changes. Yes Rachel you are right it does take about a year for someone to get on disability and 99.9% of the time it is rejected on the first try. But try try again and you will eventually get it. I know this because I’ve seen it happen and heard people boast about it. Then turn around and go on several cruises a year, ride and feed horses daily, not to mention non stop plastic surgeries. They also don’t keep any money in the bank because they don’t want the “government” knowing how much money they have. President Obama seems to be on the side of fraud because he keeps pouring money into these programs. I say leave SS benefits alone for seniors (people over 65) and take away all the other bogus benefits and let people fend for themselves. There is nothing wrong in going without if you can’t afford it, I grew up that way and I survived and worked hard to get where I am today. Not one time in my 50 years have I ever thought about asking for any help. I figured it out on my own and made it work. Guess what I survived…….imagine that!!!!!!!! People actually being responsible and held accountable for their own choices. Wake up Obama and get rid of the wasteful spending on all the deadbeats and stop hating on the hardworking “wealthy” people of American.

  9. janet

    Obama is just making excuses when he says it would cause a hardship on poor people and minorities to get a photo ID when here in Texas we give out free cell phones to poor/minorities called “a lifeline”. There has been a problem with drug dealers actually using these phones to do business. No surprise there. Why can’t we just give free photo ID’s to people that say they don’t have the money? Everyone has a SS card and Birth Certificate, if they didn’t they would not be able to work, or get all the freebies know to man that we so generously hand out.