Oh oh, don’t tell Obummer


Dress for success: Harvard Law interview costume

Elizabeth Warren’s lies about her Indian claim continue to dog her campaign.

While national and state Democrats rush to distance themselves from the Harvard 1% er, law professor Ann Althouse asks the real questions that Warren should be answering.

Now, I assume that Professor Warren supports affirmative action within the law schools where she has worked. Ask her about it! Does she vote in favor of admissions policies that count race as a plus factor? Has she supported faculty appointments, choosing one person over another, with race as a factor? I’d be extremely surprised if she hasn’t. Assuming she has, why is she acting outraged that anyone would say that it seems that it benefited her and that she sought that benefit?

Don’t you support affirmative action in hiring (as well as in law school admissions)?

Follow up questions: Do you think it is acceptable and even good to offer a job to a less-well-qualified applicant if that person is a member of a traditionally discriminated-against minority group? On what basis is it acceptable to make race a “plus factor” in hiring decisions? If it is “diversity,” what exactly is this diversity that justifies affirmative action? Is it what the Supreme Court said in Grutter, or is it something else? Is it about a quantum of genetic inheritance or does it have something to do with whether the candidate has faced some form of disadvantage in life because of racial discrimination? Would your support for affirmative action extend to cases where the job candidate has at most one Native American great-great-great-grandparent? Explain.


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11 responses to “Oh oh, don’t tell Obummer

  1. Anonymous

    She really just wants to open a casino.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    This is one of the things that confuses me about the liberal point of view. They favor a bias towards certain groups, but claim all people are the same. I believe everyone should have equal opportunity, but people are in fact different. And that is a good thing.

    I want to play center field for the Yankees. But I can’t. I don’t have the skill set. And you!! I am sure you would like to be doing something with your life, besides surfing porn all day and rubbing your little weasel raw. But you have no discernible skill set. Should we let you be a doctor just because you are decrepit and 1/32 Injun? I think not, and I am sure you agree. You are the worlds greatest loser, you excel at it, and have accepted it. That is how it should be!!

    Affirmative Action is a disgrace. I don’t want a job handed to me, I want to earn it. Should we do affirmative action in the NBA, and make the league 90% white? Of course not. The best athlete get’s the job. Should we lower strength tests so more woman can be fireman? No, but we do!! Should we require all small breasted women to get breast implants? YES!!

    What do you think?
    Your Pal,

  3. NRA

    “Dog” her campaign? (With or without mustard?)

    . . .

    There is a lot of “composite” memory in the Left these days. “Genevieve” the composite girlfriend; “Elizabeth” the composite minority; “Julia” the faceless composite voter.

    …Or should we admit it’s all compost?

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    The Lefties are so casual in their lies, that when challenged with them, they are invariably stunned, mostly I suspect, because they don’t even remember them. Remember Hillary saying that she was named after Sir Edmund? Or Hillary – again – when she said that while in Yugoslavia, she had to duck sniper fire? All of it false puffery to enhance their super-inflated sense of self-worth. The trouble is, these kinds of pointless lies are really just indicia of severe low self-esteem.

  5. Perhaps we should ask Professor Warren just how much “minority blood”, for lack of a better term, one should have before Affirmative Action is an appropriate solution? Her claimed 1/32? George Zimmerman’s 1/2 plus 1/8? 50/50? The ol’ “one drop” rule?

  6. Cos Cobber

    Jack Welch advocates meritocracy above all else as a path foward…audience gasps.


    When is the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL going to add diversity meetings for team rosters. While all leagues have initiatives upper mgmt and coaching diversity, but why no effort to diversify rosters? I am puzzled, JHR please help me.

  7. Anonymous

    Read Robert Caro about war “hero” LBJ getting a Silver Star for nothing. Sorta like Nobels for nothing:

    Not Caro but

    LBJ’s Silver Star: The Mission That Never Was

    LBJ biographer Robert Caro’s newest volume, Means of Ascent, takes umbrage at Johnson’s receiving the nation’s third-highest combat medal for what amounted to taking an airplane ride and spending :a few minutes under fire.” But it never happened. The fact is LBJ never got within sight of Japanese forces. His mission, like so much of his life, was a lie.

  8. NRA

    The Lefties are so casual in their lies,
    Er, “causal”, L.A? (Either works.)

  9. Balzac

    “I don’t understand you Randbot racist 1%ers! When your child needs brain surgery, why wouldn’t you choose the affirmative action doctor? The one who qualified for med school based on his skin color rather than his academic record and ability?”

  10. Cos Cobber – Woody Allen does a very funny stand up comedy routine about how unfair it is that the NBA doesn’t have a bunch of short Jewish guys wearing glasses playing on every team.