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I blame Bush!

Do you really expect me to believe Bush is no longer president?

From InstaPundit: EVEN THE WAPO IS POINTING OUT THAT THE NUMBERS DON’T WORK: The Incredible Shrinking Labor Force. “If the same percentage of adults were in the workforce today as when Barack Obama took office, the unemployment rate would be 11.1 percent. If the percentage was where it was when George W. Bush took office, the unemployment rate would be 13.1 percent.”

But not to worry: according to Obama, those missing workers didn’t drop out of the job market in discouragement  – they, like “Julia”, have retired on their generous Social Security payments and are now “volunteering in a community garden”.



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Got my candidate

Libertarians nominate Former Governor Gary Johnson as their presidential candidate. Admired him when he was a two-term governor of New Mexico – he slashed taxes, cut waste and would probably still be governor except for term limits. Best of all, he isn’t Romney and he sure as hell isn’t Obama.


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Obama threatens US

Shell shocked

Time to shift attention from wars to home. “I’ll do for you what I did for them”.

Afghans and Iraqis cheer, Americans quake.

UPDATE: Our president surely didn’t endear himself to the country he’s fleeing when he proffered this explanation for the dog-eating PR disaster this week:

“I told Karzai that I’d once eaten an Afghan and he totally got the wrong idea.”

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The power to destroy is the power to extort

Your money or your life

Food companies fork over the dough for 2012 campaign.

The food and beverage industry has already donated over $7.9 million to federal candidates, parties and outside political groups during the 2012 election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, demonstrating its power and influence in Washington.

Critics say that first lady Michelle Obama has made the administration vulnerable to the powerful food lobby in her push to address childhood obesity through the Let’s Move campaign.

Reuters reported a meeting in the White House with executives from companies including Kellogg, General Mills, and Nestle USA, Let’s Move backed off of its messaging against diet choices and began to emphasize exercise as a means to end childhood obesity.

It’s not just the White House being bribed, of course, politicans of both parties have their hands out.

The debate over obesity, especially among children, is not limited to the executive branch. Congress spent this past year embroiled in debate and under pressure from food lobby groups over food marketing methods aimed and children.


The debate over school lunches has also found its way to the national theater. Last November, after intense pressure from lobby groups, both French fries and pizza remained on the Agriculture Department lunch standards, with the tomato paste on pizza considered as a vegetable.

A new set of national standards for school lunches was approved this January, and it places stipulations on sodium and fat levels in food.

State and local governments are also responding with rigid standards. Students in Chicago are no longer allowed to bring their own lunches from home. They are required to only eat the school lunch.

As the fight continues over who controls food choices — the government or the consumer — money seems to be the name of the game.

Microsoft once did almost no lobbying in Washington and was proud to boast of that. The  government announced the beginning of an anti-trust investigation and of course, eventually sued them and won. Microsoft is now one of the largest contributors to politicians of all stripes. Lesson learned.

Here’s a recounting of what happened to Microsoft:

For many years before the lawsuit, Microsoft had virtually no Washington “presence.” It had a large office in the suburbs, mainly concerned with selling software to the government. Bill Gates resisted the notion that a software company needed to hire a lot of lobbyists and lawyers. He didn’t want anything special from the government, except the freedom to build and sell software. If the government would leave him alone, he would leave the government alone.

At first this was regarded (at least in Washington) as naive. Grown-up companies hire lobbyists. What’s this guy’s problem? Then it was regarded as foolish. This was not a game. There were big issues at stake. Next it came to be seen as arrogant: Who the hell does Microsoft think it is? Does it think it’s too good to do what every other company of its size in the world is doing?

Ultimately, there even was a feeling that, in refusing to play the Washington game, Microsoft was being downright unpatriotic. Look, buddy, there is an American way of doing things, and that American way includes hiring lobbyists, paying lawyers vast sums by the hour, throwing lavish parties for politicians, aides, journalists, and so on. So get with the program.

So that’s what Microsoft did. It moved its government affairs office out of distant Chevy Chase, Md., and into the downtown K Street corridor. It bulked up on lawyers and hired the best-connected lobbyists. Soon Microsoft was coming under criticism for being heavy-handed in its attempts to buy influence. But the sad thing is that it seems to have worked. Microsoft is no longer Public Enemy No. 1. No one blamed it for the recent Japanese tsunami, for example, or demanded hearings on its role in the housing industry collapse.

Best of all, the finger of blame has moved on — to Google, which now gets the blame for everything.

And so it goes.

UPDATE: A 199 article from the Washington Post has more details here, if you’re interested.


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Here’s a depressing essay for a Saturday night


Miss Liberty begs for sustenance from her master

Why the “Julia” campaign will win.

Consider a recent story out of Valencia College in Florida. Professor Jack Chambless asked his students to write an essay about what the “American Dream” meant to them. Students were asked to write the essay on the spot to better capture their initial and sincere impressions, and had about 10 minutes to write. The results were sobering.

According to Chambless, over 80% of the class believed that the “American Dream” entailed the government providing things for them to live comfortably, such as free tuition and health care, down payment assistance on a home, money for retirement and free vacations. Students also thought that the American Dream meant that the government should “give them a job.”

Whether it’s a fictional Julia or a very real John, Jenny, Jake or any number of other voters who embrace this entitlement mentality, the nanny state Obama is championing has become wildly popular. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 48.5% of Americans live in a household that receives some form of government aid. The government which Obama currently presides over has become, as the French economist Frédéric Bastiat once prophetically stated, “the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”

Indeed, the popularity of government services and benefits has radically transformed this nation. In the 1830s, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote, “The citizen of the United States is taught from his earliest infancy to rely on his own exertions in order to resist the evils and difficulties of life; he looks upon social authority with an eye of mistrust and anxiety and he only claims its assistance when he is quite unable to shift without it.” That America is no more. As Obama’s advertising campaign demonstrates, a large segment of society now looks upon social authority not with an eye of mistrust, but with an open, expectant hand.


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A question for Walt: So how come horses aren’t getting faster?

Cannonade charging home, 1974

Because I have fond memories of how I spent the afternoon of the Kentucky Derby in 1974 (not necessarily much of the race itself, as I was visiting a girlfriend at Skidmore and, while the race was playing in the background …), I thought to look up who won that year. Turns out it was Cannonade, Angel Codero on top (don’t know how that phrase just popped up).

But I digress. Point is, while Cannonade’s winning time was a slow 2:04, and the fastest time was Secretariat’s 1: 59 the year before, this chart shows that this race is consistently won by horses running it in 2:01 to 2:03. Since track conditions can vary each year, it seems to me that unlike human runners, these guys aren’t getting any faster – remember the “four-minute-mile” and the assumption that no one could ever accomplish it?

Why is that? Just wondering. Walt, as the father of four (five?) fillies, I’m sure you have the answer.


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Bill Maher, racist


Sorry, boy, but it;s back to the back of the bus for you!

Well we knew that – he’s a liberal, isn’t he? But this is truly shocking:

“For the sake of White America, Mitt Romney has to win”



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Proving the point for us

We got our jobs (and Barry his Nobel) through the New York Times!

I quoted a furious liberal early today who claims that America was founded by socialists, no one ever succeeded in this country on his own, etc. etc. – you know the riff. But he concludes with this attack on one particular pundit who thinks the Democrat’s “Julia” video is demeaning to women:

And Michelle Malkin never would have gotten where she is without taking advantage of “affirmative action” set-asides for Filipino-Americans.

Just as Dollar Bill’s constant use of the term “teabagging” reveals his belief that there is something filthy and objectionable about homosexuals and that libertarians share that belief, using a (false?) claim that Michelle Malkin only achieved her success because of affirmative action shows that liberals, too discount the accomplishments of all minorities by assuming that without special privileges they would “never have gotten where [they are]”,.

Conservatives think this (understandable) assumption is a bad thing and thus argue that affirmative action as a federal policy should be eliminated. Liberals simply reserve that same assumption to attack conservatives who stray off the white liberal plantation: Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice and Michelle Malkin, for example.

But if black and Filipino conservatives are nothing but affirmative action babies, unworthy of the positions they hold, isn’t that also true of domesticated black liberals? You won’t get a liberal to entertain this logical proposition because if they did, they would have to grapple with the problem of the two most prominent affirmative action babies of them all, Michelle and Barack Obama.


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This seems like a civilized way to protest a speaker’s views you disagree with

Upcoming commencement speech by Doctor who believes in creationism and questions the morality of evolutionists is critized by professors at Emory. So far, just another usual commencement day kerfuffle but here’s the part that appeals to me:

The professors say this is no protest and they still want Carson to speak at the commencement.

They say they simply want to draw attention to Carson’s stance.

“Dr. Carson was a childhood hero of mine, and he still is a hero of mine,” said Arri Eisen, Ph.D., Emory University Department of Biology. “What worried me the most was the fact that he said if you do accept evolution that you’re somehow ethically lacking.”

The professors wrote a letter to the campus newspaper that outlined Dr. Carson’s views and stated their objection to those views. Exactly right. No shouting him down, disruption of the commencement and ruining the day for the many graduates who probably couldn’t care less about the dispute and just want to take some pride in their accomplishment. I believe this used to be called civilized discourse.

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He couldn’t do worse than them, surely. I mean, at least he didn’t come up with the dog eater bit


Campaigning for Elizabeth Warren

Joe Biden excluded from Obama’s campaign strategy meetings.


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Aw, just hang ’em and be done with it

Useful idiot

9/11 planners refuse to speak at their trial. They’ve already demanded the death penalty so they can go to Allah and get at those virgins; let’s grant their wish.

I especially like this part of the trial:

One of the men’s American civilian attorneys, Cheryl Borman, who wore a black hijab in court, said the men were silent because they had been “mistreated” by the guard force at the prison. Mohammed’s civilian attorney, David Nevin, said the reason that his client, whose long beard was streaked with red henna, was not participating was because of the “torture that was imposed on him.”

Borman also suggested that women on the prosecution team should dress appropriately because the defendants might “commit a sin” if they looked at them as they are currently dressed.

And here’s Martin’s granddaughter, shucked from her burka – looks more like an Elizabeth Warren  American Indian, to me:

Whip me, beat me, enslave me, Khalid!


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Confiscation of American’s passports – prescient?

You’re staying right here!

As French politicians vow to soak the rich, wealthy eye fleeing to England. Back here in the land of the free, politicians of both parties whooped through a law granting the IRS the power to trap citizens and prevent them from leaving if the IRS thinks they owe taxes – no appeal. Why do I think that the pols know exactly what they have in mind for us comes “Taxmageddon” ?


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