Aw, just hang ’em and be done with it

Useful idiot

9/11 planners refuse to speak at their trial. They’ve already demanded the death penalty so they can go to Allah and get at those virgins; let’s grant their wish.

I especially like this part of the trial:

One of the men’s American civilian attorneys, Cheryl Borman, who wore a black hijab in court, said the men were silent because they had been “mistreated” by the guard force at the prison. Mohammed’s civilian attorney, David Nevin, said the reason that his client, whose long beard was streaked with red henna, was not participating was because of the “torture that was imposed on him.”

Borman also suggested that women on the prosecution team should dress appropriately because the defendants might “commit a sin” if they looked at them as they are currently dressed.

And here’s Martin’s granddaughter, shucked from her burka – looks more like an Elizabeth Warren  American Indian, to me:

Whip me, beat me, enslave me, Khalid!


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7 responses to “Aw, just hang ’em and be done with it

  1. Anonymouse

    Borman is another Chicago crony…sigh.

    • And a care3er public defender. Those people certainly perform a role essential to our justice system but just as education majors are the dumbest students on campus, the worst law students seek out the PD’s office for employment. Doesn’t say much for Khalid’s chances of acquittal but then, he doesn’t want to be acquitted. And just because you are sworn to defend a mass murderer doesn’t mean that you have to, or, tactically, should bow to and honor his wacko religious beliefs.

  2. Anonymouse

    DC picked her up after she was laid off from the Public Defenders office in Illinois after the state abolished the death penalty last Spring.

  3. Anonymouse

    WaPo spelled her name wrong, it’s Bormann, and she demanded that ALL other women in the courtroom be attired in hijab.;_ylt=A2KJNTsjX6VPJjoABl_QtDMD

    Cheryl Bormann, a civilian attorney for bin Attash, appeared in a conservative Islamic outfit that left only her face uncovered and she asked the court to order other women present to wear “appropriate” clothing so that defendants do not have to avert their eyes “for fear of committing a sin under their faith.”

  4. It would do Ms. Bormann a lot of good to spend a few hours reading the writings of Walt.

    • If she learned to read, she would offend the morals of her client Khalid, thereby causing him to sin and thereby condemning him to hell. She’d never do that, would she? Alluh akbar, baby.