Confiscation of American’s passports – prescient?

You’re staying right here!

As French politicians vow to soak the rich, wealthy eye fleeing to England. Back here in the land of the free, politicians of both parties whooped through a law granting the IRS the power to trap citizens and prevent them from leaving if the IRS thinks they owe taxes – no appeal. Why do I think that the pols know exactly what they have in mind for us comes “Taxmageddon” ?


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9 responses to “Confiscation of American’s passports – prescient?

  1. Ivanna Pukeski

    Why would anyone care to leave this glorious land of bilk and money?
    Kindly send us the diameter of your left ankle for the bracelet we are sending you.

  2. JBLiberty

    Land of the free, lol! Is anybody really that naive?

    The blackbox is more ominous. It records data that could be used for or against you. It can also be electronicaly monitored for consumption tax purposes.

  3. Chimney

    Looks like Warren Buffett won’t be leaving the country

    • Municipalities are cutting employees while states are adding them. I attribute that to city pols being held more directly responsible by taxpayers than their more removed state legislators but, as illustrated by Illinois, they states too will have to cut. Only the feds, with access to a printing press, can continue their madness.

  4. JRH

    CF, it’s plainly false that states are adding jobs. Hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of state employees have lost their jobs since the recession began. The article I linked to has the numbers, which are widely available. You are right that cities are cutting jobs — but the states are, too.

  5. JRH

    Ha. Why not try finding a source less than a year and a half old?