Got my candidate

Libertarians nominate Former Governor Gary Johnson as their presidential candidate. Admired him when he was a two-term governor of New Mexico – he slashed taxes, cut waste and would probably still be governor except for term limits. Best of all, he isn’t Romney and he sure as hell isn’t Obama.


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12 responses to “Got my candidate

  1. And he will surely lose….

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    Bernie has money right under NY state nose. How hard are people loking for all that Madoff money?*w

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Chris: Gary Johnson is almost certainly a safe vote for you and me – as well as your sister – as both Connecticut and Californicate are slam dunks for Odunderhead (and of course should things appear perilously close at the last minute, we can count on the mayors of Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford to hold the polls open several more hours and tally more votes than there are registered voters in each of those charming towns). For those of you in swing and battleground states, well, all I can say is PLEASE stick with Romney, it is absolutely critical that Obama/Jarrett/Axelcreep be tossed out on their asses come November 6.

    Oh, almost forgot, note to Fudrucker: you guys vote on November 7th.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Oops, forgot this: RNA, when I say pull for Romney – distasteful as it might be – that means you buddy!!!!!

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    Oh well, buggered up the anagram, but you get the point. Are we still on for a beer in mid June?

  6. Inagua

    Lorinhart – A Libertarian vote is an “abo” vote in many states. For example, Obama will carry my state of California by at least 10 points, so why not be part of the principled 1% or 2% that will vote Libertarian, assuming one wants more freedom and less government? Why waste a vote on Romney, unless you live in one of the dozen or so swing states?

    • Well, you have. point….. I live in CA. also and it is so frustratingro know your vote is overwhelmed….but it is not so , as you pointed out, in swing states…..

  7. anoniguy

    re: democratic stronghold states. Why not write in Ron Paul and send the message loud and clear?

  8. NRA

    Hey LA, heartily agreed! Mittens ain’t my preferred RI, er, Republican candidate, but he has two advantages: He’s an honorable man and he ain’t Oh Bummer. (I’d prefer Johnson if the stakes weren’t so damnably high.)

    If I may venture a proposal: CT may rather be in play. Vote Mittens but back-up your vote with the best libertarian-leaning candidates at every level you can find. My guts tell me the sweep will be HUGE. It must be:

    The cheating this go round may be so massive as to cause (cough) dissatisfaction with the outcome. I don’t think most people can appreciate the depth of evil we face – not yet. Overcoming the margin of corruption is job one. Job two… make sure your, um, gear delivers to point of, ah, alignment.

    Yes on the beer, LA! Chris, please join us. More the merrier.

  9. Anonymous

    This is an “against” election. Bummer is a fraud and a failure and does not deserve another four years. His lies are outrageous and his use of the office for fundraising has been absolutely obscene.

    Mitt isn’t ideal but he is the only way to prevent another four years of the failure. So he gets my vote by default.