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I’ll be 97 then, so there’ll have to be a couple other advances if I’m to take advantage of this

Com’ere, you cute little pile of bolts you

Sex robots predicted by 2050.


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Whatever it cost the Republicans, it was money well spent


Sally Field School of Diplomacy: So Osama, you promise that if we help you out here you’ll  like us, you’ll REALLY  like us?

Zibigniew Brezenski, mastermind of Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy, praises Obama’s statesmanship.


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Just a few more days and we’ll be safe until next year

Heading home

The Connecticut Legislature’s special session ends this week and the buffoons will ooze from Hartford and go home, for a while. They didn’t accomplish anything this session, for which we should be grateful. No education reform – by the time the teachers’ union marked it up it would have been a meaningless act with, doubtless, more money going out and extended tenure for the knuckle busters, no budget “adjustments”, Legislativese  for “higher taxes”, and no red light cameras.

The Hartford Yahoos did manage to abolish the death penalty which, with the exception of Michael Ross, who had to appeal to our Supreme Court for the right to die, hasn’t been used since 1960, and legalized marijuana, which should cut down participation by young people in our next election considerably but will otherwise have no beneficial effect.

So it’s a wrap, and we’ve dodged a bullet, for now. I wonder how many millions we spent for this circus?


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Don’t let EOS see these pictures

Jumble Sale

If you’re selling your house and are lucky enough to have the local paper profile it, do yourself a favor and have a professional photographer supply the pictures for the article and don’t just hand your Instamatic to the pool boy and ask him to take a few snaps. Why waste the opportunity?

So Benny Goodman’s old teardown* in Stamford is for sale and that’s nice; it belongs to the daughter of the late Marjorie Rowe, whom Greenwich Time refers to as “the grand dame of Greenwich real estate”. No comment.

But really, how do you blow 23 pictures?

* before you get mad at me for this characterization, read the article. The Historical Society describes it as “interesting” and  ” a house with personality” but assures the reporter that there’s nothing stopping a new owner from tearing it down. They also point out that whoever owned it in the 1930’s added a bunch of Colonial crap to it to make it appear even older than it is. Between bad additions and remuddling, the house has no historical value and that’s what the preservationists are saying, politely.

Another thought: if this house is under the Westchester Airport flight path, should the seller give it a name, as some local realtors like to do, and christen it “Benny and the Jets”? Just asking.


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France elects another socialist

Hollande Daze?

An experiment that failed miserably last time it was tried, Francois Mitterrand had to reverse course after just two years and scale back his “reforms” – the same reforms now promised again: raising minimum wage, reducing work week, hiring more public employees, and so forth – you know the drill. Will it work? Only if the laws of economics have been repealed since 1984.

Worst part for the French socialists? They won’t be able to blame Bush.


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Hope, no change, Vol.XXXXX

No, silly, you can’t  come yet!

Joe Biden endorses gay marriage on talk TV this morning, Obummer’s handlers fall all over themselves  distancing their man from the very idea. Curious at this fearful reaction from Mr. Inclusive, FWIW  dispatched our ace reporter Scusie to interview Dollar Bill and see if he could explain his leader’s opposition to such a basic human right. DB was happy to unwrap the riddle.

“Well of course the Messiah supports gay marriage but he can’t say that quite yet – it’s like ObamaCare, you have to reelect him to find out what’s inside.  And he couldn’t do anything on the issue his first four years because he was too distracted by the task of undoing the wreckage that Bush left him. He’s had to shut down Guantanamo, end the drone program, stop wiretapping citizens, reform immigration policy, create millions of new “green” jobs, cut trillions from wasteful government spending and regain the respect of the world by the use of  ‘smart diplomacy’. Did I mention Israel, Iran, and a stable Egypt? He had to do all that, too.

“So having accomplished all those things, do you blame him for taking a little rest on the Vineyard and then devoting his attention to moving this country FORWARD? He’ll win the election and then return refreshed and ready to tackle the few remaining things that stand between America as Bush wanted it and Obama’s Paradise.

“Besides, did you know that most black folks despise the idea of any form of gay rights at all? Of course they’re going to vote for Obama, if they vote at all, but what if they just stay home slugging malt liquor and their women? No, the gays are just going to have to wait a bit longer. If i have a message for them I suppose it’s ‘Trust, don’t verify’ “.


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Feeling coltish Thursday, a little hoarse Friday and now this

Body found at Churchill Downs


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Hope, change and dependence

Obama Campaign continues its war on women

We’re all  Julias  now


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Why would anyone except a fool think it would?

Archetypal government work force: one man digging, four resting on their shovels

Study: Hundreds of millions of dollars paid to companies to create jobs in Connecticut hasn’t worked.

Connecticut has bestowed more than $500 million on businesses in loans and tax credits over the last decade to create and retain jobs, but many of the deals have not produced the promised jobs, and penalties assessed by the state when goals are missed are usually small.


[D]espite the huge money spent on economic development, the number of jobs in Connecticut has actually declined since 2000. According to statistics published by the state Department of Labor, Connecticut had 1,673,134 full-time jobs in 2000. By 2010, the number of jobs dipped to 1,566,050, a decrease of 107,084. At the same time, total government jobs, whether state, local or federal, grew by nearly 28,000.

Sure, Connecticut could just cut corporate and income taxes and attract businesses that way, but then there’s no ability to reward political allies, and where’s the fun in that?


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A new tradition: Government arboreal care


National Christmas Tree, planted at the White House by Obummer, withers and dies. This despite a Native American healing / dog sacrifice ceremony conducted by Elizabeth Warren.

A year ago, Obama warned us, but did we listen?

“We’re going to fill it up with a spirit and start a new tradition right now,” said Obama.


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Connecticut politicians intuitively understood this

Granny supports her state

As smokers die off or quit, tax revenues plummet and states are pissed off. But, presumably, not Connecticut. If you aren’t a smoker, you probably didn’t notice what Connecticut legislators did with the proceeds of the great tobacco settlement, which was supposed to channel 1/3 of $billions into smoking cessation programs. Never happened – the money went into the general fund and, poof! Disappeared. You might blame that on just the usual greed of politicians but I prefer to think it was due to an inchoate realization by the legislature that they needed smokers to keep on smoking. That would give some hope that, occasionally, our state goons can glimpse economic reality. Not so in other states:

States did two contradictory things: betting on large streams of tobacco money coming in well into the future while simultaneously trying to discourage smoking in every way possible. Now they find themselves in a lose-lose situation where the success of one policy leads to the failure of the other, and state businesses and investors are now going to be left holding the bag.

The tobacco mess is a classic of blue dysfunction at work: with one hand the states are busy throttling the cow which their other hand is trying to milk. 


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