Hope, no change, Vol.XXXXX

No, silly, you can’t  come yet!

Joe Biden endorses gay marriage on talk TV this morning, Obummer’s handlers fall all over themselves  distancing their man from the very idea. Curious at this fearful reaction from Mr. Inclusive, FWIW  dispatched our ace reporter Scusie to interview Dollar Bill and see if he could explain his leader’s opposition to such a basic human right. DB was happy to unwrap the riddle.

“Well of course the Messiah supports gay marriage but he can’t say that quite yet – it’s like ObamaCare, you have to reelect him to find out what’s inside.  And he couldn’t do anything on the issue his first four years because he was too distracted by the task of undoing the wreckage that Bush left him. He’s had to shut down Guantanamo, end the drone program, stop wiretapping citizens, reform immigration policy, create millions of new “green” jobs, cut trillions from wasteful government spending and regain the respect of the world by the use of  ‘smart diplomacy’. Did I mention Israel, Iran, and a stable Egypt? He had to do all that, too.

“So having accomplished all those things, do you blame him for taking a little rest on the Vineyard and then devoting his attention to moving this country FORWARD? He’ll win the election and then return refreshed and ready to tackle the few remaining things that stand between America as Bush wanted it and Obama’s Paradise.

“Besides, did you know that most black folks despise the idea of any form of gay rights at all? Of course they’re going to vote for Obama, if they vote at all, but what if they just stay home slugging malt liquor and their women? No, the gays are just going to have to wait a bit longer. If i have a message for them I suppose it’s ‘Trust, don’t verify’ “.


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5 responses to “Hope, no change, Vol.XXXXX

  1. to your point exactly about the black vote:

    BTW, did you know that the acronym is now LGBTQ. They’ve added the Q for those “Questioning”. Seriously. NTTAWWT but puuulllleezze, how politically correct does the gay community have to be????

  2. anonymous

    I guess there are no gay black people. Of course there is always the self loathing angle:


  3. Anonymous

    Blacks will vote for Obama regardless ofnhis policies. Just Google Howard Sterns infamous interviews with blacks in NYC prior to 2008 election. He switched McCains VP and policies with those of Obama’s and asked people on the street. 100% agreed with Sara Pailin and McCains policies.

  4. Anonymous

    Weasel words galore here.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    Does anyone want to lay odds that Biden gets the Agnew treatment sometime this summer or early Fall? Maybe another “aneurism” or Team Obama digs up some ancient over the top Biden shenanigan he never disclosed?

    Hillary, are you ready?