I’ll be 97 then, so there’ll have to be a couple other advances if I’m to take advantage of this

Com’ere, you cute little pile of bolts you

Sex robots predicted by 2050.


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26 responses to “I’ll be 97 then, so there’ll have to be a couple other advances if I’m to take advantage of this

  1. Heard Walt has volunteered to be the test pilot free of charge; assuming reasonably good battery life, we probably won’t be hearing from him for awhile.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    How about no trips to Richards for a new Hermes handbag?

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Sex Robots? I am glad I won’t live to see it. Who wants no contact sex? I have had enough robotic sex with the real life flesh bot hotties to last me a lifetime.
    And at least the real hotties actually need to sleep, or go shopping, to give you a break. A sex robot may be unrelenting!! They could go into spoon mode and keep you in a fondle lock for hours. THE HORROR!! We as men are not equipped to deal with that.
    I vote for development of the virtual reality sex helmet. You put it on both heads, and create your own virtual sex paradise. When you are done, you shut it off.
    Put that on our project list.
    Your Pal,

  4. Greenwich Gal

    I want my sex robot to look like George Clooney and then cook dinner, do the dishes and make charming conversation. Now that is better living through advanced technology…

  5. George Leroy Tirebiter

    That picture is Dustin Hoffman from Little Big Man, a truly great movie.

    • In fact, when I wanted a picture of an old man, I searched for “Little Big Man Jack Crabb”. The fact that I remember Hoffman’s character after all these years (when was the movie made – 1970? 1971?) is evidence that I entirely agree with your assessment. The book was excellent too.

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Awww, CF, we know you are very much all flesh and blood…

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Anyway, CF, I requested “charming conversation” – be realistic, please.

  8. Libertarian Advocate

    CF & GG: Get a damn room!

  9. Greenwich Gal

    On the other hand, we are living more and more “virtual” lives where everything is digital and online. This is just an extension of that….I rarely “talk” to people anymore – it is all texting – as the person to person flesh and blood contact gets more and more remote. School, shopping, relationships- all digital and online.
    Do you remember when you were 16 and could not wait to get a driver’s license so you could LEAVE THE HOUSE??!! Well, those days are over because no one wants to leave the house because they would leave the computer – where all the action is. The kids all meet up online – to play games, watch movies, gossip, whatever.
    On the other hand, the sex robot does offer a new twist. Is it cheating if it is with a machine? It certainly is more sanitary! (Assuming that after each “sortie” the robot is properly scrubbed and fumigated.) And of course, the side benefit – no hard feelings, no break ups, no mess…

    • You’d save a fortune on dinners, flowers and friggin’ Valentine Day cards and you can damn well bet it won’t burst into tears if you don’t notice its new haircut. Wish they’d hurry this up!

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Now we could take the sex robot idea and turn it into an adult theme park concept. Disney has made billions thrilling young and old with rides and fantasy adventures – this is could be a much more adult thrill ride, really.
    You enter a bar, say, and a series of robots come on to you, buy you drinks, “make charming conversation” (which of course would be the real technological difficulty) and then proceed to the primal mating dance that is hard wired in humans since the beginning of mankind. You can try all sorts of diversions and high risk behaviours that you would never have tried in real life. Old guys get to make it with regular hotties or maybe a Jennifer Aniston model – she of course has licensed her likeness to Disney Sexadventures iNc. And the ladies get to choose from a variety of football players, effete poet types, bodybuliders, construction workers and of course a selection of licensed celebrities. You could try out your craziest fantasies and no one would have to know any better. Ethnic preferences, fetishes, kinky stuff… There is a menu of crazy that I don’t guess we need to go into here – let your imagination run wild. You could potentially take on the NY Giants Offensive line! AND NO ONE GETS HURT!
    Just leave your credit card a the front desk…

  11. ilsa

    Dear, you really have to get out of the house more. The bar room practices youve mentioned, sans the donkey rides, are common in Latin America and Indo China.

    Take on the locker room? Do tell….

  12. Greenwich Gal

    ILSA – You are missing the point entirely, dear girl. The situation you describe is with real live human beings who are often enslaved sex workers in third world countries with God knows what kind of diseases… Repellant in so many ways…I am talking about ROBOT sex thrill experiences marketed for masses. Now that is different.
    Perhaps some one needs to take a remedial reading comprehension course…

  13. Greenwich Gal

    Oh by the way, Walt, I highly recommend BRAINSTORM with Natalie Wood and Christopher Walken. It is a movie about a futuristic device – a helmet, to be exact, where you can experience the same feelings, experiences etc of some one else such as ecstasy etc. Very interesting.

  14. anonymous

    Sex workers in 3rd world countries are NOT disease ridden or dirty. They keep their moneymakers clean as a whistle. And, they are generally very educated when it comes to the dangers of unprotected sex. You have a much better chance of contracting a std or something else just as nasty in CT from some suburban floozy that is drunk or wacked out on the booger sugah.

  15. Greenwich Gal

    Anon at 3:51 – you are sorely misinformed. Thailand for example, a small country but one with a large sex worker population, has the 4th highest number of AIDS cases in the world. It is an epidemic which is overwhelming their health care system. I suggest you do some simple research.

  16. anonymous

    Greenwich gal,

    Honey, You are the one that needs to do some research. The top ten countries with the highest aids rates are all in Africa. At it’s worst, only about 1% of Thailand’s population (70 million=not that small) had aids (the USA’s rate is about .06%). The country responded rapidly to the epidemic with an extensive campaign to educate the public and they have succeeded in cutting prevalence. Other than in Africa, the people that mainly get aids are: men who have sex with men and injecting drugs users. Period. Anyone that tells you differently is lying. Greenwich has an extremely high sex worker population (trophy wives) although they get paid in shoes, handbags, vacations,etc. Ask your local physician about the prevalence of std’s in the over 30 crowd do to unprotected sex. You will be shocked to discover the results. There are dirty moneymakers all over the place but the chance of getting aids is very slim.

  17. anonymous


    Ask your local physician about the prevalence of std’s in the over 30 crowd due to unprotected sex.

  18. Greenwich Gal

    Well, duh, everyone knows about the AIDS problem in Africa, Anon, but it is also a problem in Thailand. Should you care to revisit the TOPIC of this conversation, it would be the perveived BENEFITS of sex robots!
    Would you really put your Johnson inside a Thai prostitute?
    On second thought – don’t answer that….

    • GG, I was once stuck at rush hour on the lower West Side in a stalled line waiting to enter the Holland Tunnel, and watched a line of prostitutes working the traffic. They’d climb into a car and emerge a few minutes later, mission accomplished. The driver presumably continued home to New Jersey to kiss his children and perhaps make love to his wife? Disquieting as that thought was, I was horrified when a skanky crack head with, I kid you not, pointed teeth smiled at licked her lips indicating, to this somewhat sheltered young man, “oral sex”. I was rather attached to my penis at the time and the thought of inserting it into that diseased, sharp orifice had me shriveled up tighter and tinier than a robin’s egg. Ghhecckk.