Obama “I sometimes forget the magnitude of the recession”

I’m not troubled by that, it must be hard to remember the suffering of the unemployed when you’re relaxing on Martha’s Vineyard,  But Dollar Bill is appalled:

“If he really doesn’t remember the event it says something deeply troubling about him.”

It’s so painful to witness the disillusionment of a true believer.


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2 responses to “Obama “I sometimes forget the magnitude of the recession”

  1. Anonymous

    “Sometimes I forget…”
    Yes, especially when I’m so distracted by this god-damned gay marriage business, but Joe keeps reminding me that it’s a big f–king deal, so should I man up, act like a true leader and advocate a national policy?

    Nah, I’ll just take credit for my own “evolution” and pass the burden of any actual policy changes onto the states. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

    Onto Holywood…

  2. NRA

    Ah yes! “States rights” is vile, eeeeevil dog whistle raaaaacism when States wish to uphold Federal immigration law…

    …but when poor little Barry is asked to stick his pencil neck out to support members of his own commoonity, why federalism is suddenly paramount.

    Does Barry strick one as genuine as a $3 bill?