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Aw, condolences to our own “Cobra”

Shelby Cobra

Caroll Shelby dead at 89. Quite a life of accomplishment.


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Is there anyone in the world, except a Democrat, who likes Iran?


Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

Hamas: yeah sure, go get those nukes – we don’t mind.

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Michelle, Barry come out with the perfect wedding gift for their new friends


Here come the brides!

Japanese robo-buttocks. You don’t want to know.


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While I agree with the sentiments, do I want to give his campaign $30?

I did say that the Obama campaign staff is absolutely clueless, but here’s their new Tee shirt that seeks to capitalize on the Messiah’s new-found conversion. Problem is, I’m out to get him too.

Who isn’t?


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Anything, ANYTHING to collect a vote

Why are you worrying about little crap like that? Did you hear I raised 15 million bucks at George’s place last night?

British, US Intelligence agencies furious over Obama’s “despicable” leaking of underwear plot for campaign purposes. His leaking of details of the operation disrupts undercover operations in Middle East and will prevent use of sources and techniques. I just suggested that the man will be laughed out of office for his bungling efforts to get reelected but this isn’t very funny  – Obama should be impeached.


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This gang not only can’t shoot straight, they can’t get it out of their pants

Spineless fish, evolving

Just three days after losing the West Virginia primary to an incarcerated felon who, unlike the president, hasn’t vowed to destroy the state’s economy , Obama “evolves” again and now loves coal. “I talked it over with my daughters,” the chameleon in chief told reporters, “and they opened my eyes to all of coal’s many benefits”.

The past three weeks of the Obama campaign  have cheered me up considerably because every silly” issue” he’s  floated to deflect attention away from his miserably failed presidency has blown up in his face. He killed Bin Laden? Navy SEALS beg to differ. Mitt mistreated his dog? Obama dined on dogs. Protegé  Elizabeth Warren a victim of  Romney’s “war on women”? She’s exposed as a phony and a fraud. Overnight switch to support of gay marriage? Poll numbers plummet as voters see him as the unprincipled opportunist he’s always been.

And so on. Obummer’s in danger of being laughed out of office even before November. Fortunately, Joe Biden stands ready to take his place.

UPDATE: Joe believes that “coal is more dangerous than terrorism” but I’m sure that he too can “evolve” if poll numbers demand it.


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Update on Obummer car jewelry

The new bumper sticker for Obama lovers everywhere,  from reader NRA’s Photo Shop:


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