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Aw, condolences to our own “Cobra”

Shelby Cobra

Caroll Shelby dead at 89. Quite a life of accomplishment.


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Is there anyone in the world, except a Democrat, who likes Iran?


Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

Hamas: yeah sure, go get those nukes – we don’t mind.

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Michelle, Barry come out with the perfect wedding gift for their new friends


Here come the brides!

Japanese robo-buttocks. You don’t want to know.


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While I agree with the sentiments, do I want to give his campaign $30?

I did say that the Obama campaign staff is absolutely clueless, but here’s their new Tee shirt that seeks to capitalize on the Messiah’s new-found conversion. Problem is, I’m out to get him too.

Who isn’t?


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Anything, ANYTHING to collect a vote

Why are you worrying about little crap like that? Did you hear I raised 15 million bucks at George’s place last night?

British, US Intelligence agencies furious over Obama’s “despicable” leaking of underwear plot for campaign purposes. His leaking of details of the operation disrupts undercover operations in Middle East and will prevent use of sources and techniques. I just suggested that the man will be laughed out of office for his bungling efforts to get reelected but this isn’t very funny  – Obama should be impeached.


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This gang not only can’t shoot straight, they can’t get it out of their pants

Spineless fish, evolving

Just three days after losing the West Virginia primary to an incarcerated felon who, unlike the president, hasn’t vowed to destroy the state’s economy , Obama “evolves” again and now loves coal. “I talked it over with my daughters,” the chameleon in chief told reporters, “and they opened my eyes to all of coal’s many benefits”.

The past three weeks of the Obama campaign  have cheered me up considerably because every silly” issue” he’s  floated to deflect attention away from his miserably failed presidency has blown up in his face. He killed Bin Laden? Navy SEALS beg to differ. Mitt mistreated his dog? Obama dined on dogs. Protegé  Elizabeth Warren a victim of  Romney’s “war on women”? She’s exposed as a phony and a fraud. Overnight switch to support of gay marriage? Poll numbers plummet as voters see him as the unprincipled opportunist he’s always been.

And so on. Obummer’s in danger of being laughed out of office even before November. Fortunately, Joe Biden stands ready to take his place.

UPDATE: Joe believes that “coal is more dangerous than terrorism” but I’m sure that he too can “evolve” if poll numbers demand it.


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Update on Obummer car jewelry

The new bumper sticker for Obama lovers everywhere,  from reader NRA’s Photo Shop:


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End of week wrap-up

Mercedes salesmen who make their living off of realtors (a very small group, to be sure) aren’t going to be happy with this week’s performance and certainly not today’s.

Updating earlier updates for this Friday, May 11, one sale of interest only to those keeping an eye on Sawmill Lane vales, #77 sold for $2.1 million. Traded for $1.625 in 1999.

No – zero – accepted offers.

From the world of condominiums, 680 Steamboat Road which just recently announced an accepted offer after being listed at $4.2 million for just ten days has been returned to the market. I have no idea why this deal fell apart: buyer remorse, change of mind or maybe the vodka wore off, but $4.2 million would have been a hefty price to pay for this street, waterfront or not.

And that’s it. Soowee!

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Update on Greenwich sales: as of 1:30, they are no better

No accepted offers reported, no executed contracts and only one “sale”, but that’s just realtor Bobby Hopkins own house at 29 Hendrie Avenue (Riverside) which she never listed on the MLS and sold privately for $2.525. Hardly a vote of confidence in the very multiple listing service Hopkins touted to her clients for decades, but there you go.

5 Irvine

In Old Greenwich, 5 Irvine has cut its price from $3.350 to $3.2, perhaps a sign that the euphoria down there is subsiding a bit. This modular sold for $2.750 million when it was new in 2004, sold again in 2006 for $2.875 and once again a year later, 2007, for $3.225. Apparently its 2012 price of $3.350 was a bridge too far.

There’s a new listing at 415 Round Hill Road that might be interesting to keep an eye on. 1.3 acres in the four-acre zone, it sold in just 13 days, full price, in 2004 at $4.250 million. It’s been renovated and added to since then (it’s now almost certainly maxed put under FAR ) and is priced now at $5,800,000. I’m guessing it won’t sell in thirteen days at this price.


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This isn’t necessarily encouraging

It’s only 9:50 Friday morning so there’s still time for improvement but here’s the tally of accepted offers for single family homes (some of which fail) and executed contracts (many of which were entered into in April or earlier) reported so far this month of May.

Total Accepted offers: 15

.$2 million: 1 (one 3-lot land sale in Riverside, asking $7 million)

$1-2: 2

Under $1 : 12

Contracts reported (date of accepted offer unreported) 15

$6-$14.5: 4

$3-$4: 3

$2-$3: 2

$1-$2: 4

$7-$800,000: 2

Contracts reported 5/01/ 2011 – 5/11/2011: 28

Contracts reported, 5/01/2006 – 5/11/2006: 36


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A recurring issue and getting worse

but suppose I got an even worse haircut?

Preventing competition by regulation. Why does a cosmetician require more training than an EMT?

License requirements often vary greatly. In five states, aspiring auctioneers must complete about a year or more of training—but only about nine days in Vermont and four days in Pennsylvania.

Is it plausible that cosmetologists need, on average, 10 times as many days to fulfill their educational and training requirements (372) than emergency medical technicians (33), who literally hold lives in their hands? That is the reality in most states. In fact, 66 occupations face greater average licensing burdens than EMTs.

The occupational licenses Mr. Snyder [Governor of Michigan]  has slated for the chopping block are a diverse lot, including those for auctioneer, interior designer, community planner, security alarm contractor, and private security guard—several of which were included in our study. Reform will not be easy, as defenders of the status quo will undoubtedly play the safety card.Take the response of the director of a barbering school in Michigan to a different proposal by a state legislator (not included in Mr. Snyder’s proposal) to repeal barber licenses: “I’m not saying we are as important as doctors, but we are the closest you can get. We are turning this into the Wild, Wild West. . . . I’d like to see them get a haircut in a barber shop five years from now. It will be like rolling the dice.”

The risk of a few bad haircuts seems worth a roll of the dice if the upside is more economic opportunities. But the truth is that consumers are capable of judging the quality of many services for themselves. If lawmakers in Michigan and elsewhere want to help more Americans find jobs, they should start by reducing or removing burdens that do little more than protect some people from competition by keeping others out of work.

Typical modern politician’s response to a bad hair day – pass a law, that’ll fix it! 55,000 regulations promulgated nationwide last year, none repealed. Year after year after year. Great news for the Dollar Bills of this country who consider all citizens to be property of the state and thus subject to any regulatory scheme a legislature dreams up to protect their donors, bad news for those trying to earn a living.


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Where are those creative Photoshop guys?

Went looking online  for one of those  “Darwin Fish” things that all proper-thinking liberals stick on their Volts, but so far, nothing posted yet that incorporates Obummer’s latest campaign move. Do I have to do everything myself?

Here’s  a lefty version, but I want one with Obama, maybe a rainbow, two kissing cousins, whatever.

Boring liberal claptrap





UPDATE: Wow! NRA (happy to give you full credit but didn’t want to blow your anonymity without consent – let me know. Has produced this:

A work of genius



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Another flop, another job – on Wall Street, you can’t go wrong losing OPM

Say goodbye, for now, to the Cruz Missle

That would be “Other People’s Money”. Zoe Cruz, fired just three years ago by Morgan Stanley after losing $4 billion on a bad bet on mortgage debt, has now seen her hedge fund shuttered after betting wrong on the direction of the dollar.

Earlier this year, Voras Capital reported having $90 million in assets under management, compared with roughly $200 million Ms. Cruz had previously said the firm managed, according to people familiar with the matter.


Ms. Cruz said that despite losing money last year, she had “very strong views: The equity markets and U.S. Treasury yields would go up, and the dollar would collapse.”

She placed trades through derivatives that would “lose some money” if her views were wrong, according to the letter.

“But if I were right, we would make multiples of the investment,” it said, adding, “Unfortunately, I have no such strong convictions now.”

Here’s the part where we learn why we were fools not to report for work on the Street after graduating nursery school:

Asset managers and banks have been in touch with Ms. Cruz about potential jobs, said people familiar with the matter.

Yeah, we want some more of that!


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Profiles in Courage, part XXIII

swept away by a tall, dark stranger

Obama: “I’ve personally decided I’m in favor of gay marriage and if I ever leave Michelle … but that does not mean I’m calling for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act at this time – we haven’t completed our polling yet”.

Undaunted by their chief squeeze’s timidity and political grandstanding, the Left has called his announcement of evolution “world-changing”, “a brave, courageous and risky act”,  and “enough to make me puke” (the last from me). Wonder how it will play in West Virginia.


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There hasn’t been any since 1910 but they’ll be ready if it appears


Ready when you are

Byram drafts traffic plan


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Cos Cob Mafia circles wagons around one of their own

“Gordo didn’t do nothing wrong, he just seen his opportunities and he took ’em!” Roy Innis defends brother Gordon

Cos Cobbers rush to defend the soon-to-be-impeached Finance Committee Chairman 

Representative Town Meeting members from Cos Cob are rushing to the defense of one of their own, Gordon Ennis, the embattled chairman of the legislative body’s Finance Committee, who they say deserves to keep his leadership post.

Ennis is the subject of an ongoing investigation by a special RTM panel, which was formed earlier this week after 10 of the 12 members of the Finance Committee supported a motion to remove Ennis as chairman “for cause” but were told by the town attorney that they must follow due process first.

“Party affiliation means nothing when it comes to us Cos Cobbers”, vowed Democrat Land Control officer Peter Berg, shouting to be heard above the traffic noise from the deck of his Cos Cob mansion, “so we’re locked and loaded. Hell, I might even speak to Chris Van Keiserlino about this for the first time in fifty years – family’s family”.

Noted Cos Cobbers Frankie Fudrucker and Peter Tesei were away on a Man’s Weekend retreat together and could not be reached for comment.


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So cruel to the old ladies involved, and why do we need to boost domestic abuse anyway?


But I want to stay here at home!

Old bags auctioned off to boost  domestic abuse

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