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It’s not a bug, it’s a feature


Or oil or natural gas or coal or …

Germany’s failed green energy program leaves country facing energy disaster next winter. But so what? If manufacturing shuts down, if thousands of people freeze to death, the crushing burden on Gaia will be just that much less. Say Hallelujah, amen!

Besides, the Germans can now feel a renewed kinship with their old WWII allies the Japanese, who have shut down 50% of their energy generating capacity this month and are waiting to see what happens.

The culprit for the looming crisis is the single most important instrument of German energy policy: the “Renewable Energy Law” (EEG). It stipulates the priority of green electricity supply. What was once useful as an aid for the market introduction of wind and solar power, has today, 12 years later, disastrous side effects.

It pushes those plants which alone can guarantee a stable power supply, i.e. gas- and coal-fired power plants, out of the market far too early. More and more facilities are being decommissioned. The result is a significantly higher risk of large-scale power outages, so-called blackouts, whose duration and propagation is hard to predict.

The economic cost of a wide-scale blackout are measured in billions of Euros per day. If power outages last longer, one has to expect a high number of deaths. The most important test of energy policy is now the stability of power – so far only the cost of the green energy transition has been focused upon.


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Hello, is anyone out there? Anyone at all?

If a speech flopped  in a forest ….

Fresh from defeat in West Virginia, Obummer visits another state whose economy he’s tried to destroy and while Michelle and the girls played the slots, our president embarked on a garage tour. Guess those California refugees hadn’t made it yet.


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Soak the rich, problem solved!


Leaving L.A.

California’s budget deficit now estimated to be $16 billion up from original guess of $9 billion. Governor Brown’s solution: boost the sales tax again and raise taxes on “the rich”, defined as anyone earning $250,000. If those selfish rich folks will just stay put and not flee, Brown figures he can come up with $9 billion. So far, this policy hasn’t worked very well – people who actually pay taxes are fleeing California in record numbers while the moochers flood in, but maybe this time ….


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This should bother even the dumbest liberal because if it works in one direction, it will be used in the other


He can and now he has

President Obama attacks eight individual contributors to Romney, calling them out by name. Never before, but once a line has been crossed, there’s no going back. I seem to remember reading about the Rubicon, once.


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If he’s black, he’s back

Black voters don’t care that Obama’s come out of the closet. “Whatever it takes”, shrugged one man interviewed, questioning whether his man actually believed what he said. But of course, it doesn’t matter what Obama does so far as black voters are concerned; after all, their candidate is the leader of the party of Chief Klansman Robert Byrd and that doesn’t give them pause.

Time for Obama opponents to stop wasting time reasoning with his core constituency and simply write them off as a lost cause.


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GHS Performance Palace up for yet another vote

Royal Arts Performance Center for Deserving Children

The new high school auditorium, originally predicted to cost $22,000,000, then $29,0000,000 and now $37,000,000, is coming before the RTM Monday to see if the project, which has yet to even break ground, should continue to soak up funds.  Here’s at least one bad reason it shouldn’t be funded:

[F]ormer GHS parent and a real estate broker in town, [Christine] Edwards said “The children deserve this. They absolutely deserve this.”

Excuse me? Deserve? What have they done to create an obligation on taxpayers to spend zillions of (still more) dollars on them? I remember my own time at that school and my children’s, and while I won’t say a bad thing about my own kids, I know that if I deserved anything back in my teens it was a swift kick in the ass – not a new auditorium. I doubt teenagers have changed all that much.

Which doesn’t go to the merits of the argument, of course. It’s entirely possible that Greenwich students can’t achieve their true destiny as actors and musicians without a $100 million playhouse, that Katie Weatherseed would have won that national Shakespeare competition rather than come in third (of 15,000 contestants from around the country!) had she just had a new stage to practice on, but my guess is that the truly talented among our artistic students will manage to achieve their dreams despite the limitations of our current facility. The rest, the talent-challenged like myself, will just have to put on SRO without a  stage elevator. Boo Hoo – they don’t deserve one.


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