Back from fishing

Out on the water early this morning with that noted boat owner Lou Van Leeuwen (my best friend whenever he’s filled up his tanks with 200 gallons of gas and has loaded the boat with coffee. Otherwise? Meh – not so much). A fair number of bluefish boated and soon headed for my smoker and one very nice striped bass, approximately 30 lbs., which we released. That size, they’re breeders and it seems a shame to kill them. They’re far better eating than bluefish though so if Lou’s conscience hadn’t been on board I might be dining on bass filet tonight and not oily bluefish. So it goes.

Maybe pictures posted later but if you’ve been waiting for the fish to return to the Sound, wait no longer – they’ve arrived.


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8 responses to “Back from fishing

  1. Never Fair, Always There (Hanout the money taxpayer, you work for us governing class
  2. anon1

    I love you released her/him.

  3. Tommy Gunn

    I’m roasting some spotted owl. Yum!

  4. Chimney

    Would love to know your bluefish smoker technique.

    • Well you go to a 24-hour convenience store and buy a “blunt”. Then you carefully remove the tobacco and ….
      Nah, I treated myself to a Bradley electric smoker some years ago and just put the fillets in them, brined, sometimes, otherwise not, and let ’em smoke for a few hours. Great as is or used in smoked bluefish dip.

  5. Cobra

    Chimney: Bowl or bat, but a vaporizer is healthier. Helps build strong bodies 12 ways and good for you too.

  6. Ayup

    Now you have to share your bluefish dip recipe.

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    Striped Bass Crudo is sensational. Better than Snapper and cheaper too.