On the other hand, here’s a little good news

Ford restores its credit rating, reclaims its logo. Ford had to hawk its heritage in the bad old days of 2008 but it’s clawed its way back. After a couple of bad experiences with the company’s product a few decades ago I swore off the brand forever and will not go back but I suppose they’re better now, and the company’s survival can only be good news for the economy.


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14 responses to “On the other hand, here’s a little good news

  1. InfoDiva

    Amazing what $6 billion in government loans can do for a company. As well as a $10 billion credit line promise.

  2. Mazama

    I also had a bad Ford experience in 1980s but when back a few years ago with a smallish Escape SUV when I needed AWD and have been quite pleased.

    2013 model is possibly last year for the 1960s-retro Mustang look so I may have to get one. Boomers gotta do what a boomers gotta do.

    • I knew someone who bought a “Flex” (? something like that) in 2010 and had so many problems with it – electrical, suspension and so forth, that he traded it in in 2011 for another model. But for another Ford, because the dealer made him a good deal. That does not sound like a good deal to me, at any price, but that’s just me.

  3. FF

    Yes Info Diva, by providing a “stimulus” to Ford, they had the breathing room to create “jobs”, and then expand their sales in order to pay back “debts”, including reclaiming their logo. So yes, I agree, all stimulus is terrible for our nation and serves to push forward the Kenyan Muslim Socialist agenda. Beware, someone else might become “successful” through the evil allocation of judicious “help”. Imagine that, almost sounds Christian

  4. Cos Cobber

    Whoa FF, are you really advocating for private enterprise to become successful? Do the heads of your Democratic party know about your radical position? Your lottery commission seat may be in jeopardy.

  5. Yes, FF, it almost makes up for illegally screwing over the Chrysler and GM bondholders by abrogating their contracts and having us taxpayers on the hook for GM’s $32 Billion market value loss. Obama’s really got that “price & earnings ratio” shit down pat, don’t he now?

  6. InfoDiva

    FF, I’m on your side. I’m just surprised that Chris F. the libertarian is touting Ford’s comeback with the help of taxpayer funds.

    I guess people can die at the side of the road if they don’t have the cash to pay for the ambulance…but big business can get loans to help them recover.

  7. Anonymous

    InfoDiva and FF – get your facts straight before blowing hot air about Big Gov’t saving Ford….

    The Automotive Industry Financing Program — which was created under the Troubled Asset Relief Program — provided $79.69 billion to GM, GMAC and Chrysler. Ford did not receive any money under AIFP. Ford did receive a $5.9 billion in government loans in 2009 to retool its manufacturing plants to produce more fuel-efficient cars, in order to meet the new CAFE standards for more fuel effiecient cars. The loan did not “create jobs or provide breathing room”. The loan was used to meet the ever expanding regulations imposed on businesses by Big Gov’t. Ford did not need the loan to stay afloat. Smart management saw cheap money and took it.

    “In a Jan. 30, 2009, report on the bailout program, the Congressional Research Service noted that Ford “is counting on $5 billion from the DOE loan program to support a $14 billion plan to reorient its lineup toward more fuel-efficient vehicles.” On June 23, 2009, the Department of Energy announced it would provide $5.9 billion to Ford “to transform factories across Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio to produce 13 more fuel efficient models.”

  8. Hmmm

    Anon @2:03,

    Those are mere facts that are in the way of proving a point that really isn’t there.

    Good work digging up the facts. All we can here from that side are the crickets

  9. MC

    Anon @2:03,

    GMAC aka Ally financial is bankrupt as of last week. Guess GM didnt want to share any of its new found profits

  10. Anonymous

    Yes, but you won’t hear Obama crowing how the bailout bankrupted GMAC – all you hear is his BS about Big Gov’t saving GM.


  11. Hmmm

    Crickets are slowly quieting down