When even crony capitalism fails, what’s next?

Obama spent billions on “green” energy companies run by his campaign donors but – surprise! – the jobs he promised failed to appear.

President Obama has made much of his commitment to green energy as he launches his re-election bid, but the nascent industry has produced far fewer jobs than the president promised, despite massive, repeated infusions of taxpayer dollars.

Since taking office more than three years ago, Obama has routinely promoted wind, solar and other green energy efforts, touring factories — often the beneficiaries of federal grants — and touting the manufacturers as cutting-edge job producers who are leading America’s transition to energy independence. He had promised in 2008 to help those companies create millions of jobs.

“We can invest $15 billion a year in renewable sources of energy … to create 5 million new jobs, new energy jobs, all across [the] country, jobs that pay well, jobs that can’t be outsourced,” Obama, the candidate, told an Ohio crowd.

But the president has fallen far short of his own mark.

The wind industry has actually lost about 10,000 jobs since 2009, even though it doubled its domestic production, the American Wind Energy Association reports. And Republicans were quick to point out that as Obama blocks the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Texas, the oil and gas industry has added 75,000 jobs since the start of his term.

Obama spent $90 billion of his stimulus package on green energy projects, including weatherization of buildings and development of electric vehicles. Yet, by the end of last year, just 16,100 people landed new jobs in the so-called green industry, Labor Department statistics show, far short of the 200,000 jobs the White House projected it would help create each year.

The lack of progress has some Democrats bemoaning the current state of green energy, particularly when compared with the vision laid out by Obama.

“To me, the most glaring failure of the Obama administration has been a total inability to deliver on green jobs,” said one top Democratic strategist not associated with the president’s re-election campaign. “Even worse, it’s not even part of the national dialogue — you’d think it would be a bigger part of his platform with all the focus on gas prices, but sadly, it just the occasional stump speech.”


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13 responses to “When even crony capitalism fails, what’s next?

  1. AJ

    He probably could have given all of those supposed job recipients a million dollars each to sit on their ass for a lot less then he spent creating jobs. And with all that free cash flowing into the economy, could have given the economy an even bigger boost than his green (noxious) dreams have provided (something I think could have been just as easily done for a lot less by letting kids set up lemonade stands (now a finable — $500 — offence in many parts of America).

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  3. Anonymous

    yet you continue to ignore the crony capitalism of the former Rep. Gov. Carcieri and outspoken conservative Schilling going on merely in the next state over. Hear no evil, See no evil….you know the rest….

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  5. Balzac

    Our President distrusts the private sector. Only the kool-aid drinkers in the media believe the private sector will strengthen so long as he is President.

    It’s extraordinary that we have such a radical in the White House. His results are so bad, it may become necessary to read and deconstruct Dreams from my Father, in order to fully understand his antipathy for the private economy.

  6. anon

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  7. Walt

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  8. INAN

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  10. jeb

    Even more disturbing. On ABC’s This Week this morning, George Will pointed out that 71% of Obama’s energy dept “VC funds” went to firms associated with his bundlers or contributors.


    I’m tired of both parties. Throw this bum out and then the next and so on one makes the tough decisions.

  11. Riverside

    I know a guy who got into the electric vehicle business and in just TWO YEARS made more than $25 million dollars (I am not exaggerating). He “sold” electric cars (which were actually tarted up golf carts which were classified as “street ready”), and the selling price exactly matched the amount of the government incentive paid to purchasers. So they were actually giving them away for nothing. Not surprisingly, he “sold” many thousands of these things at about $8K+ per copy. Apparently there are a lot of people who will take a free “electric vehicle” if you give them one.