Cos Cob west

Chase wants yet another branch, this one next to Greenwich Library. Makes no never mind to me, but watch for the usual suspects to holler about “traffic” – it’s a Pavlovian reaction.


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  1. Anonymous

    This is not news; it was a done deal many months ago, and I’ve been mourning the loss of that service station ever since. I’d been a customer there for over thirty years. Now we’re down to two gas stations in central Greenwich that I can think of (well, maybe three, if you count those ancient-looking pumps on Church Street), and Greenwich Automotive is being replaced by – just what we need – another goddamned bank.

    No suspense here: all it needs is the rubber stamp.

  2. I don’t understand the need for more banks. So much more is done on online now. Chase is very impersonal and has had some screw-ups lately. I see no reason to leave First County. Free coffee, cookies and no major screw-ups, like Chase has had lately. At least none that I’ve heard of. And just like Cheers, they always know my name.

  3. Cos Cobber

    This is blasphemy talk coming from a Cos Cobber, but I havent used a branch bank in a decade. Love my online bank, with unlimited free ATM reimbursements!

  4. Who needs 'em

    I wonder if CEOs in banking get paid by the branch? Most branches are empty except at lunch time when there are long lines because tellers are at lunch and those sitting at desks can’t get off their butts to fill in for tellers (someone might be coming in to make a million dollar deposit (on their lunch hour)
    Banks are the new DMVs

  5. dogwalker

    It’s beyond the ability of my little mind to grasp how so many bank offices can be financial feasible even in wealthy Greenwich. Ditto beauty salons . . . and nail salons.

    Oh, anon, those ancient pumps on Church Street got shut down by the EPA (or whatever the state equivalent is). They have been replaced by brand-spanking new ones. Still never seen anyone pumping gas there though.

  6. edgewater

    banks are NOT the new DMVs. the problem with the DMV and the post office, etc. is that you must go there for the services you need. if you are unhappy with your bank, you can go to another bank. in that vein, i suggest greenwich bank and trust; i have never encountered a line there; and the officers on the platform will walk up to you and help you if there’s even one person ahead of you. they get what service means.

  7. Another Reader

    There is already a Chase bank a block away! Right there in that block with Duxiana beds, at 15 W. Putnam. I think I know what happened…Chase and Starbucks ate some sort of propagating pill, and now it’s a virus that won’t stop spreading.

  8. FF

    Here’s what the bankers said when the rage for branches in Greenwich started. Its kind of a paraphrase, but you’ll get its meaning anyway:

    Banks determine the “need” based upon the aggregate dollars available for banking in a community. In Waterbury, for example, the average depositor runs about $4,000 through their account each year. If the corporate office determines that a branch needs $20 million to be feasible, that converts to 5,000 people needed to be viable. Divide that by the 100,000 people in Waterbury and that makes 20 bank branches a number more or less equivalent to the amount of same in that city.

    The average Greenwich depositor runs about $40,000 through their accounts annually which means generally that in order to make their $20 million, they need only 500 people to be viable. Divide that by our population of 60,000, and that translates into a “demand” for 120 bank branches.

    So I wouldn’t expect the rage to die down any time soon