1/10 1%er Kerry still owes taxes on his $7 million yacht


But Betsy told me birchbark canoes were tax-exempt!

And it’s back in tax-friendly Newport.


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11 responses to “1/10 1%er Kerry still owes taxes on his $7 million yacht

  1. I bet he’s docked in Newport now for prime viewing of the upcoming America’s Cup races from June 23 -July 1.

  2. Cobra

    Keel-haul the tax-cheatin’ lizard!

  3. AnotherMoose

    It is not the actual America’s Cup but a regatta for the American Cup Class catamarans

  4. Anonymous

    ….Looks to me like he paid the taxes…where’s the story here?

  5. Peg

    Taxes are for the little people. Plus – you get special dispensation when you’re a Democrat.

  6. Anonymous

    everyone does it.

    even the house of bush

  7. Anonymous

    The new America’s Cup is a different kind of racing. High speed reaching starts and numerous short course races for wing-sail catamarans is way more exciting than watching the old 12s plod upwind at well below hull speed.

    If you have a Roku box, or one of the newer streaming devices, you can get the Sail TV channel for free. They have a variety of sail programming, including daily updates from key regattas around the world. We’ve been enjoying each of the Volvo legs, the America’s Cup fleet racing series, and recently have enjoyed the 470 worlds, Star Worlds, and the pre Med-Cup TP 52 races which are starting up again.

    Btw, after two months with Roku, we told Cablevision to come by and pick up their stupid overpriced cable box, because we stopped using it.

  8. Anonymous

    They have a live streaming YouTube channel and also videos of previous events. Live streaming from Newport starts on 6/28 but they’ll have video coverage of the yachts and crews starting sooner. The YT channel says the races are from 6/26-7/1 fwiw.

  9. anonymous

    Kerry is such a doofus.