Heck, I could have told them this

And in fact, I did38 Carriglea in Riverside has now dropped its price to $2.995 million from a February start price of $3.995. While it is true that the same one acre on Carriglea waterfront sells for $5 million, that does nothing for a non-waterfront building lot, and the fact that this property is listed as both a residence and a land parcel is acknowledgment that 1972 contemporaries add nothing of value to this land (even though, to my eye, it looks like a very appealing house – get it for free!).

Nothing else of interest to report on as of 3:00, except that the highest-priced new listing is $649,000.


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10 responses to “Heck, I could have told them this

  1. Out Looking In

    Have you absolutely no appreciation of “this perfect palette”?

  2. So, Chris, what happened to 59 Bedford? Was there a broker open house and if so, did you go?

  3. xyzzy

    okay, I have a question. After now many days on the market will you give us your honest opinion on a price of a house? The one I am thinking about is close to 750 days on the market.

    • My rule of thumb is, generally, that after three months on the market, it’s not me telling an owner his house is overpriced, it’s buyers. But I recently suggested that a house that’s sat unsold for over two years was overpriced and the owner called the Board, the agent called me, and so forth. If these people feel better by venting the wrath at me then I suppose i’m serving some useful purpose.

  4. I wondered about that, because I was pulling into my driveway and didn’t see a broker open house sign there on Tuesday. I do think it’s a really pretty house from the outside though so I’m dying to hear if you think the inside is also nice! I’d sure love to see some non-condo real estate move, although I have also noticed a lot of new building lately–Maple, Clapboard Ridge–after a long time of seeing nothing. It gives me hope.

  5. Anonymous

    I thought of you when I saw a price reduction in another Fairfield County town today– from 7.795 to 7.775.. Who are they kidding?

  6. xyzzy

    Ouch. Well then nevermind. The house isn’t going to sell at its current price. Coming up to its one year aniversary for its last price cut. I don’t want you to get yelled at because I’m curious if your opinion is close to mine.

  7. Anonymous

    32 Carriglea sold for 4mil and 10 Normandy for 4.99mil.
    An acre of land seems to cost a lot to me.